Meet Tiffany Masterson: The Founder Behind the Beloved Beauty Brand Drunk Elephant

Meet Tiffany Masterson: The Founder Behind the Beloved Beauty Brand Drunk Elephant

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If you're obsessed with beauty like we are, your shelves are probably blessed with well -known beauty and skincare brands Drunk Elephant . Tiffany Masterson, the mastermind behind the brand, has established the company’s unique skincare philosophy of removing the ingredient for a total skin reset by identifying “Suspicious 6,” which is six which substance he believes is the main root of his skin issues. Today, his personal mantra is translated into the Drunk of the Elephant.

In 2013, Masterson launched the brand straight to the consumer with a full-range skincare collection of six products with proven efficacy and formulated with only biocompatible ingredients. Quickly, the brand was picked up by well-known retailers such as B-Glowing and Dermstore, and in 2015, Sephora became Drunk Elephant’s exclusive retail partner in the U.S. More understandably, Drunk Elephant was named one of the fastest growing brands in history. of Sephora. Then in 2019, leading global beauty company Shiseido Americas acquired Drunk Elephant for $ 845 million, one of the largest acquisitions for a skincare brand to date. along with Masterson’s celebrity hairstylist and childhood friend Chris McMillan, who has worked with the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Lopez, and more. In total, Masterson has expanded the collection to more than 30 products in categories sold in 23 countries, fulfilling his desire to create Drunk Elephant products that can be used from head to toe.

Given the massive success of Drunk Elephant, it may come as a surprise that Masterson was not always a good insider. While she has always had a fascination with skincare, trying one “miracle” product after another, she actually started her career as a real estate agent with her mother in Houston, Texas. After nearly a year in real estate, Masterson went on to work in a variety of industries and companies, including Neiman Marcus, a Los Angeles-based production company, a trade-show company, and a security software. company. Finally, after trying many positions, Masterson fulfilled a vocation she had always wanted: motherhood. Masterson has four children-a full-time job in itself-and from 2000 to 2009, she was a stay-at-home mom. However, the entrepreneurial spirit still lived within Masterson. He started a small business called Holy Pantry to help clean and organize pantries by understanding which foods to avoid to support overall body health and began selling a bar cleaner. , which ultimately led to his obsession with ingredients and research.

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