My Mom Told Me She Would Stop These 4 Items (and Buy On These 5 Trending)

My Mom Told Me She Would Stop These 4 Items (and Buy On These 5 Trending)

My mother, Nancy, has gone through several rounds of closet clean outs over the last few months to clean items she is not wearing much. While he has certainly been strategic about his purchases these days, he uses this cleaning session to provide space for some items that have fallen he has examined. In fact, she actually messaged me with some of the pieces of her personal clothing in her own wardrobe and wants to retire right now. In such messages, he also shared with me the items he saw around that he was interested in buying instead.

For the most part, the fall trends she feels are modern but feel timeless at the same time to fit within her more classic style . These are also pieces that can have a long life and will hang around for a while. Keep scrolling to understand my mom’s retirement items (complete with her testimonials) and some trends she’s ready to try as presented in a set of our favorite people. You’ll also find inspired shopping picks for each one in case you’re interested in trying out any of the looks that will also come to you.

were somewhat defeated had their moment. I love the chunkier Chelsea boots I see. Seems chic but also really comfortable. "

"Probably because the colder weather is coming, but my super-cut, faded jeans will be kept . I would definitely try some of these skinny pants for something sophisticated (and comfy), as well as classic straight-leg and bootcut jeans. "

“I think it’s time to let go of the super lightweight long cardigans I used to wear. They didn’t really add anything special to my style, and I prefer shorter cardigans these days that are a bit wider or longer styles that are a bit thicker. "




"I used to wear of fitted knitted blazers as a way to make my jeans and tee outfits feel more fun. While I still keep them around a bit, I’m still more interested in slouchier blazers that feel modern. "

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