My Summer Vibe is Margiela and Helmut Lang-Here is My Shopping List RN

My Summer Vibe is Margiela and Helmut Lang-Here is My Shopping List RN

Being a strict planner is not my strong suit. Unless it’s a vacation-in that case, I’m usually the first to book tickets and hotels-I can be a reluctant procrastinator. However, what I thoroughly plan, is my summer wardrobe. There’s something about the onset of hot weather that gets my sartorial juices flowing and really motivates me to handle and strive. When I’m planning my summer look, it goes a little bit like this: I browse for images that I feel inspire me and then use that to mood a whole vibe that I have in mind for summer. During this time, I had no hope of getting stuck in Helmut Lang and the vintage Maison Margiela. Recently, I found myself looking at archival runway images and fashion campaigns from the ' 90s and couldn’t believe how many of the same designer’s fashions are still relevant today. The two brands have been instrumental in shaping the compelling, ' 90s cool-girl aesthetic that so many brands now source as their inspiration. Needless to say, it proved to be timeless.

If this doesn't ring for you, here's a visualization: relaxed pants and slightly stylish tops that show off the skin in neutral, muted shades. It’s a whole lot of black, white, and creamy beige tones and a whole cool. The key to nailing this look is to wear pieces that are not complicated but interesting; they appear simply on the surface, but there is always a detail or two to catch the eye. Below, I break down my extensive shopping list by category to show you how I capture the Margiela-Helmut vibe this summer.

Solid basics are critical to any wardrobe, but in this case, they are essential. Check out any Helmut Lang show from the ' 90s, and you’ll discover the overall simplicity behind each outfit. But in a real way, there’s always a subversive spin-whether it’s silhouette, style, or construction. In terms of palettes, neutrals dominate more than both Margiela and Helmut Lang during this time, so when creating again, you’ll want to stick to the black and white separating. Not everyone has a strict black and white palette, though: Both designers are known to throw in a soft shade of blue or green for great proportions.

A girl Helmut or Margiela does not wear any old jacket — she wears structured blazers Margiela blazers run the design gamut from intricate and deconstructed to lesserly inspired clothing of masculine. One thing remains the same, though: They must be oversized and boxy.

Before tying and barely there bralettes took our feed this year, they were key features of both designer’s collections. Unexpected cutouts, shoulders with one shoulder, and, of course, anything layered to the maximum especially feel true to the vibe of downtown. For extra dimension, I plan to play around with thin and tulle tops to overlay the main T-shirts.

Pantgy pants are a defining part of Helmut Lang's cool made. They fought the ultra-tight, figure-hugging silhouettes that were popular at the time and felt charmingly rebellious. It happens that loose pants are also trending now, so it ' s good that they ' re easy to find at many price points. I also noticed that Margiela likes to experiment with some saturated colors on the runway, so I ' m on the idea of ​​bright leather pants to wear on colder days. Style them on a racerback tee or any of the above layered tops for an inappropriate. In contrast, clingy midi skirts are also a big part of the Margiela-Helmut universe, so I ' m going for the fitted, sleek versions in a range of neutral ones.

We can't just talk about Maison Margiela without mentioning the iconic designer shoe, the Tabi. Decades later, the split-toe silhouette is still a staple of the fashion-crowd and the brand has updated it with a number of new styles and shapes, such as the sneaker’s latest collaboration with Reebok. I recently bought a pair of Tabi ballet flats and I don’t regret it in the slightest. Another essential style to shop to get the cool girl is the nude sandals. Think soft, minimalistic shoes with a moderate heel height that are versatile enough to throw along with any outfit without much guesswork.

While both brands prominently feature pants and skirts within their collections, they also know how to create a tenacious beautiful dress. Slip dresses are a quintessential style of the 90s, so of course, I already have a few in my cart. I love oscillating between more revealing and more covered options, so I don ' t shop for clothes that feature large cuts as well as those that include high necks in midi length. .

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