My Weekly Wardrobe Never Looks Better – These 5 Uses Are Why

My Weekly Wardrobe Never Looks Better – These 5 Uses Are Why

Welcome to the Weekday Wardrobe a series where a Who Who Wear editor or staff snaps a picture of the clothes they wear from Monday to Friday. We can break down where you shop everything to invigorate your own daily style, no matter what is on your weekly agenda.

I am grateful to have Natalie Cantell as my boss for many reasons, including but not limited to the following: She taught me literally everything I know about working in the fashion industry; she has a very cute Goldendoodle named Ruby (pictured below), who are equally naughty and adorable; and he still has a casual style together that I am constantly trying to emulate. While all of those things matter to me, the last point is what I am here to talk about today.

Sometimes I just sat 36 inches away from Natalie five days a week, but now that we work from home, things are a bit different. I mean, instead of recording her style choices each day, I had to ask her to stand up during the video meetings so I could see what she was wearing. (I'm annoyed – I know.) Since Natalie's work clothes are so good these past few days, I kindly asked her to document them. Luckily for you and me, he just received a huge haul from the Free Assembly line that is very affordable to carry everyday essentials designed to socialize, match, and be placed in the desires of your heart. Below, Natalie shares a week’s worth of outfits from the brand complete with all the best under- $ 58 essentials for spring. Don't worry, I also got rid of her style tips.

"Starting with the strong start of the week in my dress, really good denim paired with a tucked black ribbed-knit top that brings a slight & # 39 ; 90s vibe, which I chose to emphasize more by adding my favorite gold jewelry.This particular tank is a great weight for spring and length for tights, definitely one of those "fast, get it in every colorway" found.As for jeans, it hits all my requirements: High waist, straight legs, partial harvest, mid-wash, no anxiety, not too stretched so they are comfortable but the silhouette has integrity.In summary, while this look is not exactly groundbreaking, it is actually better than: It is chill and effortless and 100% silly.Guaranteed to improve my feeling and togetherness ma, therefore my going on Monday. "

" Something to say for a look that seems to have just been int or it A-and-done jumpsuits are sneaky like this. They require a zero brain despite the confidence to wear it at first, and after a whole day you end up being treated like a fun person wearing a jumpsuit! I don’t know why this is true, but it is true. Also, and this is a strange specific detail, I still took the fact that the back pockets are very well seated. I will wear it again in the fall, with just the addition of a creamy turtleneck layer. "

" I wish (and failed) to be one of the chic that minimalist man living in an apartment with only a few pieces of furniture and a large abstract mural. According to my following Instagram, these people wear outfits that are very simple but have the appearance of interesting silhouettes … which seems to be the key to reaching both effortless and unobtrusive, timeless and modern, and all other purposes in the oxymoronic style. However, my wearing this outfit really makes me pretend to be one of these people. Historically I have had a funny little dislike of wearing clothes and feel like I can be accused of being too dressed at any moment, so & # 39; t the rise of home clothing last year was liberated. I finally get comfortable wearing just cute little figures like this around for no particular reason, puff sleeves and all. It feels good. "

" Wait a minute, please, for this jacket. I don’t really know how to describe it. Is it kind of… next to the blazer? It quietly nods to many trends at once but does not try hard at any of them. For example, the diagonal seam of the yoke feels a little Western but unconvincing. It has a tie belt for an optional safari vibe, but it is equally well worn without. It has a French utility jacket (aka chore coat) that I really like, which is more felt in the dark blue colorway. But also, isn’t it really any of these things? I do not know what it is. Somehow, I love it. (PS: Everything else is basically the same as Monday – both great jeans, both great ribbed tops, this time just in cream.) "



"First, let it be said: The combo of this heavy fabric, relaxed, and customized details (pleats, square neckline, wide straps) looks like this jumpsuit is expensive. Second, pocket! I love the pocket. I hardly go anywhere in need of a handbag, so I don & # 39; t have anything to do with my hands. Finally, this jumpsuit has great potential as an office-to-drinks Friday outfit, and who knows, one of these days it can only live up to that potential. (Sigh.) Right now, it works well as an easy ingredient for someone who has run out of their decision-making skills over the weekend. "

Every spring wardrobe requires a beautiful floral slip dress .

The sleeveless cardigan also comes in an ivory color that I equally enjoy.]
Just add sandals and lots of layered chainlink necklaces.

I suggest size for an oversized size.

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