Naomi Campbell's Interview Spring 2021 Cover has something to it

Naomi Campbell's Interview Spring 2021 Cover has something to it

Interview is clearly on a mission to regain his fame. (Just look at the eye-catching cover of Cardi B for March 2021.) So the title picks Naomi Campbell as the newest cover star. The supermodel is definitely pretty busy these days filming her No Filter series, which got us excited on the cover of iD and Michael Kors & # 39; 40 -year anniversary show concludes. But she certainly found the time to be photographed in a glimpse from Bottega Veneta's Spring 2021 collection, made by Edem Dossou for interview & # 39; s Spring 2021 cover by Hugo Comte selected.


Our forum members definitely do not feel the cover. "Not Naomi or Hugo's best", admits an obviously disappointed BlueRuin .

"I don't know how to feel about it, I saw this cover and I really thought it was a throwback cover from." the 90s ”, criticized ReneSanchez .

"Trying to make the magazine look like a vintage magazine is pretty inappropriate for me …" said a less than enthusiastic balmain1914 .

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"This borders on CGI", emphasizes mikel .

Bertrando3 also not a fan: "None of the recordings work for me … Nowadays, with the botox she had, she can't even smile or emote anything."

EDEN21 it is absolutely the same. "Botox and Photoshop really make her look fake, but I enjoy that she doesn't look like it always does in her usual bloated, sleek, sleek black hair."

"I'm not so offended when I see the cover. As a majority, I like the cover picture itself and the color of the interview masthead goes perfectly with the outfit," enthuses vogue28 .

See Naomi's cover picture and share your thoughts here .

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