Not even Bella Hadid can save the cover of Vogue Spain from March 2021

Not even Bella Hadid can save the cover of Vogue Spain from March 2021

Bella Hadid added six Vogue covers to her portfolio in 2020. So we're obviously surprised that it took Bella two full months to appear on a cover of . Vogue in 2021. Better late than never as Vogue Spain uses the forum favorite to present its March 2021 edition. After the questionable cover of Jill Kortleve last month, photographer Micaiah Carter and stylist Patti Wilson team up for the latest title. Bella rocks a black wig and a look from Prada's Spring 2021 collection for the really bizarre cover picture.


Members of our forums couldn't believe their eyes. "Without a doubt the worst Bella Hadid cover by Vogue I've ever seen. The hair is a monstrosity!" Declared vogue28 .

"This wig is tragic", exclaimed anonymous cloud .

"What's wrong with that ugly Medusa hair?" asked a definitely baffled Hafdis .

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Benn98 is clearly not a fan: "No wonder it's so terrible, it was designed by Patti Wilson! First punch is the full-length cover. The second punch is that Styling that Bella wears and not the other way around. Patti Wilson shouldn't be doing any work for this magazine, sorry! Her style is so far removed from what Vogue Spain is about. ”

"Bella's worst cover ever. How did you do it?" Wondered bluebanter .

"I get the influence of the 60s but the wig, the lack of eyebrows and Bella's facial expression they just don't sell, " Urban Stylin stepped in.

]" It looks so boring on the cover and this wig is terrible, "repeated burbuja8910 .

Meanwhile, versustito simply described the cover as "ugly."

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