Raquel Zimmermann really shines on Vogue Korea's Trio of Terrific April 2021 Covers

Raquel Zimmermann really shines on Vogue Korea's Trio of Terrific April 2021 Covers

We have been fans of Raquel Zimmermann since she caused a sensation in the early 2000s. It was really amazing to see the Brazilian beauty stage making a small comeback over the past few months. After appearing in Vogue Germany Raquel is now recording the cover of Vogue Korea for April 2021. Throughout 2020, the Korean fashion bible was flawlessly cover with Liya Kebede Binx Walton and Hyun Ji Shin . For April, Raquel (styled by Sarajane Hoare) poses with a cat friend for photographer Chris Colls and delivers three great covers.

PICTURES: VOGUE.CO.KR [19659005] Needless to say, the covers were a welcome sight for our forum members. "It's always a pleasure to see Raquel! Stunning three covers, Vogue Korea really knows how to throw it out of the park occasionally," enthused aracic .

"RAQUEL ! Drop the microphone. This year brings the shine. It took that carpenter's magic to finally get the best out of Chris Colls, "applauded zoom .

" This second cover is pure perfection. You It just brought it all together, Heck, she even managed to look really great as a cat lady … " TaylorBinque pointed out.

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FashionMuseDior shared the same sentiment: "She's such a great model! The first cover is breathtaking, fascinating with flaws and all." 19659006] "Raquel looks great. The Intensi The fact that you look at all three covers is what really intrigues you, ”said Nomar .

“Absolutely love all three covers, but love the second and third more than the first. Maybe the second and third were the only really necessary covers, but I'm not complaining. The close-up is flawless, very impressive and the beauty styling is top notch! “Voiced vogue28 .

"The second cover is what Raquel was made for, it's beautiful," explained marsnoop2 .

<img class = "wp-image-861661 size-full" src = "https://www.thefashionspot.com/assets/uploads/2021/03/voguekorea-april21-raquel-article2.jpg" alt = "Vogue Korea April 2021: Raquel Zimmermann by Chris Colls [19659014] PICTURE: VOGUE.CO.KR

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