Reviews Don't Lie – These are the Best Leggings on Amazon

Reviews Don't Lie – These are the Best Leggings on Amazon

Whether for an actual workout or a weekend getaway, leggings have been considered a wardrobe essential for some time now. However, these past few days, for reasons that I probably don’t have to go into, I think we can all agree that they’re getting more use than ever before. I know I wear leggings more than I’d like to admit these days, be it for my yoga in the morning, to work from home, for brisk walks around my neighborhood, or to just hang out and made it I realize my collection could use a bit of sprucing up.

Naturally, my next move was to turn to Amazon . After all, I can’t shop in stores to understand what pieces really look like up close, and sliding through Amazon’s review section is the next best thing. I did tremendously, all so that I could deliver you (and myself) the best leggings the site has to offer, based on what real customers have to say. From chopped styles to longer cuts to countless pairs with pockets-a feature I’m learning is a game changer-just keep scrolling to shop through all 24 of the highly reviewed and beloved leggings that make the cut.

Compelling review: "Buy them. Buy them now. I ordered the small and the medium planning to come back if either pair didn't fit my daughter. I kept the medium to myself once I felt how incredibly thick and beautiful they were.Unlike many other brands of wool tights, the inside of them stays EXPENSIVE even when washed ( and the pengering inadvertently for my daughter’s pair) AND they are NOT attracted to the dog fur that has always won our house. ”

Compelling review: "I love it. No complaints."

Compelling review: "Very comfortable and flat fit. I love the Under Armor leggings for my gym sessions. 5 ' 10 me "and bil hin the large size comfortable for me. "

Compelling review:" I searched high and low for a so -called ' lulu dupe ' and this is the closest thing I have found. And let me tell you, I choose. Great quality and fit! The fabric is very soft (although more silky than the human lulu align – but I personally love it) they have great compression but are still super light weight. "

Compelling review:" Great leggings, I'm size 12 with long muscle mass and perfect fit, adjusted size big. If you want a really tight fit size down to 1 size, but the fit is good and my butt looks great! Not visible through the material and they hid the panty lines neatly. "

Compelling review:" I really like this legging! Very comfortable and breathable material. Good quality. Love the pockets on the 2 sides – now I know where to put my phone in the gym. Highly recommend it! "

Compelling review:" I've tried many brands of workout pants, from prices. Of all of them (including Lululemon) this is the best. They are tight enough to stay put while moving, but soft and loose enough to be comfortable all day. The best! "

Compelling review:" These leggings are my favorite! They are the right size. They didn’t slip like some others I own. They also have a lot of elasticity so they ' re very comfortable and still have a good cover. They are not thick so definitely not for cold weather but perfect for fall / spring. The material is so soft … I am so happy with them and for the price, they are even better! Definitely will fix more colors!

Compelling review: "They were received yesterday and can't get rid of how comfortable they are! The material is soft and feels good against your skin. Run they're long, which isn't a problem for me. I bought them to walk around the neighborhood and relax, on the cool nights we have in Florida. Perfect! "


Compelling review: "I'm glad I bought it. I'm 5 ' 7 ' ' and the leggings are always too short but I can be 5 ' 10" ' and they will be fine ! Soft and comfortable. I’m 10 and the mediums fit without being too forced. "

Compelling review:" I love these yoga pants from the feel of the fabric, fit, color and function! I used them for running, and to workout. For my running and workout they stayed in place and I didn’t have a comfortable sweat feeling because they were definitely breathing. And for running tasks throughout the day you pockets are a plus so you get your phone. "

Compelling review:" As it fits. Very comfortable and the fabric is not too thin. "

Compelling review:" I love these leggings! They are sold in 5 colors! The fabric is soft, and silky! Thin enough to be comfortable and not tight at the waist, and best of all, it’s invisible! I wear them all the time! I wash them several times and the color stays on! "

Compelling review:" I love this pair of leggings. The size is right. I am 5 ' 4 130 lbs Athletic build and a small size like a glove. The length is right at my ankle. The material feels durable and thick. Pockets are a plus because I like to carry only my essentials. Highly recommended. "

Compelling review:" They are very pricey and durable like expensive workout leggings. "

Compelling review:" I love these leggings! They are my favorite ever. I grew one as I wore them for leisure and the occasional walk. I’m not going for compression, I’m going for comfort. They just have enough form to not bag or stretch but they hold everything in place. They made my fanny beautiful. I fully plan to buy them in more colors. "

Compelling review:" It fits very well! For reference I'm 5 ' 3 "and 138lbs. My waist is 28" and hip is 40 "and I bought medium. These black leggings have enough compression that they hold everything without too tight. They stretch invisibly. and they have pockets! What more could you ask for? Oh and they're super soft and comfortable. "

Compelling review: "I own 5 pairs of leggings from this brand, and I am FOREVER SOLD !!! If someone asks me which leggings I want I immediately mention them .I prefer it than my Nike & Adidas leggings any day.They are also squat proof (for me in Less) .They fit comfortably and are very flattering! I love my leggings high waist, it restrains my stomach without irritating me. "

Compelling review: “I really love these leggings so soft and not too thick. Loving the thick waist also helps smooth the belly "These leggings are very comfortable and make me feel safe. They fit perfectly. The high waist means I don't have to adjust them when I sit down. or stand up. "

Compelling review:" Very fun. So ' t very fun. These 7/8 leggings are done perfectly. In someone taller will fall like a real 7/8 and someone taller like me they are full length.Moreover they seem to be really well done.So far I have done some workouts that involve movements and large stretches and they didn ' t give me any problems. "

Compelling review:" I ' ve been looking for a long time on Amazon for in perfect leggings.I want a mat aas quality like expensive Lululemon or P’tula without spending a lot of money. After returning many leggings from other sellers, I came across them. I work out a lot and have tested many leggings and they are by far the most comfortable to work out! They ended up trying to squat, not visible to EVERYONE, and had a convenient pocket that I think I don’t need but expensive. "

Compelling review:" They fit! I honestly think I found a new pair of favorite leggings! They look very small because my thighs are thicker but sometimes these leggings compliment my legs! Oh and super comfy! "

Compelling review:" I love these leggings. I always collect leggings, I have a collection of different colors and designs. If I had to categorize them – they are the most comfortable. "

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