Thandiwe Newton stars on pair of British Vogue covers for May 2021

Thandiwe Newton stars on pair of British Vogue covers for May 2021

Edward Enninful likes to choose unexpected covers for the British Vogue . He gave Judi Dench her first Vogue cover and now Thandiwe Newton is doing her long overdue Vogue cover for May 2021. The actress is returning to the original spelling of her name for the two covers, both photographed by Mikael Jansson and styled by Edward. For the cover of the newspaper kiosk (below), Thandiwe wears a look from Kim Jones' debut Fendi Haute Couture and then switches to Isabel Marant's alternative for subscribers (after the jump).


The covers immediately sparked debate on our forums. “I can imagine that most people will think that the cover has a typo. I would have liked a little more spring / summer in the mood, ”said 8eight .

"She really is one of the most underrated and underutilized actresses who is not only very talented but also incredibly stylish," admires [Piece Of Me].

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“Love this and love Thandiwe. I'm so happy to see her on the cover, ”repeated Summer Day .

THD96 shared the same feeling: “The first cover is breathtaking. Thandiwe finally got the Vogue cover it deserves. "

" The first cover is amazingly beautiful! It just looks so classic and timeless, ”enthused Benn98 .

“The colors of the newsstand are beautiful, love the richness of the purple and the lighting by Mikael Jansson here. It really is a beautiful and pretty flawless cover photo. In stark comparison, however, the cover of the subscribers is a thorn in the side. The red filter and the pose are cruel! “ vogue28 was called.

  UK Vogue May 2021: Thandiwe Newton by Mikael Jansson


Check out some previews of Thandiwe's cover photo and join the conversation here .

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