Thanks, TikTok—These 22 Viral Products Always Earn Me Compliments

Thanks, TikTok—These 22 Viral Products Always Earn Me Compliments

As someone who’s shamelessly very active on social media (okay, maybe a little shame), I’ve noticed that there’s a variety of fashion and beauty products that happen to reach viral status. As someone who reads hundreds of reviews before making a purchase, I’m hard to please. So when it comes to viral products, I’m quick to have some doubts and put a product to the test. If it’s a bag, will it fit my daily essentials and easily fit onto my arm comfortably? If it’s sunscreen, will it leave a white cast? I’m always asking myself specific questions before I make a purchase. If you do the same, I’m happy to be of assistance. It can be easy to buy into something just because everyone else has it, but I’m here to give you the rundown on if the product you’ve been seeing all over social media is actually worth your money.

As an editor, I get the chance to review many products, but the 22 viral ones below have passed my test. If you like to keep your screen time low but want to see what everyone’s talking about, you’ve come to the right place. From a $45 moisturizer that’s been sold out for weeks to an $8 bodywash that claims to make you smell spectacular, the items below have become my top recommendations. Keep scrolling to see what all the hype is about

I’ve tried many cleansers and they always felt like they were doing nothing or irritated my skin heavily. After using this one for a few months, it’s not only helped clear up breakouts, but it also helps my skin feel cleansed without being overly drying (which I’ve had from other cleansers).

Co-founder of Dieux Skin Charlotte Palermino just so happens to be the ultimate skincare expert on TikTok, always given the best educated and backed advice. If there’s one person I trust with my skin, it’s her. Her products often have a waiting list, and while I already had high expectations, this stellar moisturizer passed them all. it isn’t sticky, applies like butter, and actually sinks into my skin, making it feel hydrated long after application. I have dry and combo skin so sometimes a moisturizer can be hydrating but it can also be a bit too thick and cause breakouts. So far, all this product has done is give me angel-like skin.

Even at 23, hormonal acne still comes back to me every now and then, especially when it’s the time of the month. The signs are clear when it’s about to happen—redness, congested skin, and clogged pores. Using this twice a week helps reduce the whiteheads and blackheads on my skin, which lessens the chance of angry breakouts. 

I’ve never been able to hop on the micellar water train, I’m always running out of cotton pads or forgetting to wash my reusable ones. Cleansing balm is my go-to, and I’ve restocked on this one by Versed more times than I can count. It melts your makeup like magic and when I double cleanse with my Youth to the People face wash I wake up with skin that’s happy, and not at all congested. I happened to see the product on my TikTok For You Page the other day and the comments made it clear that it’s the holy-grail cleanser for many.

I own two Staud Tommy bags, and I can never wear them without receiving at least one compliment on them. It adds that special touch to any outfit and is surprisingly more versatile than you think. Even when I wear a simple T-shirt and jeans, this bag takes it to the next level. I love when I see which print someone on TikTok has opted for, and trust me—there are many to choose from.

Devon and Sydney Carlson are pros at being cool on the internet, and their phone cases have also gone viral. We always have our phones on us, so why not view them as an accessory? I’d consider myself a pro at mirror pictures at this point, and my Wildflower case is always in sight.

I don’t usually wear foundation, so tinted moisturizers are usually my go-to. It’s hard to find one that checks all my boxes, but this Saie one has done everything it says it will. It’s sheer coverage but smooths out my skin and doesn’t cling to my texture or dry patches like other tinted moisturizers have. My concealer applies over it beautifully.

TikTok hypes up a lot of lip glosses, but this one is the viral recommendation that always is in my purse. Marrakech and Sangria are my favorite shades—it’s just the perfect balance of color payoff and sheen you want for an everyday look.

I’m not kidding—in the past month, I’ve bought three different concealers with high hopes for them all. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It seemed like my TikTok algorithm was trying to give me a sign, as I couldn’t stop seeing this specific concealer all over my feed. One more Sephora purchase later and finally, I had found the concealer of my dreams. It not only brights and covers my dark circles, but it has an eye cream infused in the formula, which hydrates my incredibly dry skin.

If you still haven’t gotten your hands on this blush, what are you waiting for? If I had to pick a favorite out of all the products that have gone viral, this would be it. It’s pigmented, lasts all day, and a little goes a long way. I also like to use it as a lipstick and eye shadow, and based on my TikTok feed, I’m not the only one. Thank you, Selena Gomez!

Considering I own this pair of pants in three different colors, I’m definitely a fan. TikTok users have coined these pants as the “ultimate work pants,” and I have to agree. The pleats at the top cinch the waist, making it the perfect pant to tuck your tops into. Thankfully for us, Zara likes to keep these in stock regularly.

Reformation dresses are so highly coveted and loved that when I posted this dress onto my own TikTok, people were able to recognize where it’s from before I even had a chance to tell them. My video of the dress has just over 100k views, and it’s clear as to why. The print is beautiful, it fits in all the right places, and it’s just extremely flattering. (I’ve yet to see a Reformation dress not look good on someone—just saying.)

I’ve tried my hand at minimizing bras, but a lot of the time, they either offer little support or are so uncomfortable I can’t wear them for longer than a few minutes. But when I saw TikTok users rave about this Skims option, I thought I’d give it a try. I now own it in three colors because it does what no other bra could for me. It lifts, minimizes, and is comfortable. Talk about a triple threat! I’ve worn it with both casual and formal outfits, and it does the job for both.

In case you haven’t noticed, J.Crew has made a real comeback. People on TikTok can’t stop talking about the direction new head of design Olympia Marie has taken the brand in, and they even convinced me, a very non-preppy person to try the new pieces out. This pant has been my favorite recently, and the Cupro material it’s made out of is worth the investment. It’s light like linen but soft like cotton, all while having a luxurious sheen to it. 

I’ve actually owned these sneakers since 2019 and ruined them on a grueling hike. I went to restock and had no idea they were a TikTok favorite and was faced with them being out of stock everywhere. I was finally able to get my hands on a pair thankfully, as they’re my favorite sneakers. They offer a retro-like touch to them, go with a variety of looks, and, of course, help me walk 10,000+ plus steps in NYC with no discomfort.

Many of Charlotte Tilbury’s products are often sold out (thanks to TikTok or another celebrity beauty routine), but I managed to grab this one on a trip to Sephora, and after seeing the results, was very lucky to do so. I like to wear it for the days when I’m wearing more makeup or full-coverage foundation, as it offers a glow-from-within base. Also, I’ve attended 10 wedding events this past summer and this product has been my secret to looking less tired at them all. 

Drugstore mascara will forever be my favorite, I just don’t think you can beat it. Even when I can’t find my eyelash curler, this mascara offers enough length and volume that I don’t even need the extra curl. Also for only $8, why not? 

I use Flawless Filter to add an overall glow to my face, but when I want to add a highlight to the high points of my cheek or inner-eye corner, I opt for Rare Beauty’s Liquid Luminizer. It blends seamlessly into the skin and doesn’t streak like some powder highlights can often do. It’s not an overpowering highlight unless you add a lot of product, so I like to use it on the days I wear less makeup too.

I owned a pair of shoes just like this when I was in middle school, and I truly thought I’d never wear them again. But seeing them on the fashion set was enough to convince me and after wearing them again, I forgot how comfortable (and versatile) they are. Kudos to Steve Madden for bringing them back and letting me live my nostalgic dreams.

I never thought a soap bar could deserve hype, but here we are. This cleansing bar is made for sensitive skin, and it helps unclog pores on the body making for a deeper clean. When I apply bodywash and moisturizer after, the effect of this soap bar helps the fresh scent actually stick to my skin.

I recently published a story about trying out different “smell-good” products from TikTok, and this was one that won me over. I normally wouldn’t spend $144 on perfume, but I couldn’t resist the clean and fresh scent this one offers. 

This bodywash is so good that I keep an extra one in my bathroom closet for when I run out. It has a delicate yet fresh scent that just makes you feel and smell clean. It pairs beautifully with my perfume and soap of choice from above. 

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