The 5 Best Shoe Styles To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

The 5 Best Shoe Styles To Wear With Wide Leg Pants

It is not easy to make the choice of which shoes to wear with what, and it will be even more difficult when you have so many choices. To help make dressing easier (and more manageable), especially when it comes to your footwear, we’ve put together a number of guides about which heels, sandals, and sneakers are best paired with which piece in your container. We’ve created a need to know guide covering best shoes to wear bootcut jeans and selected the top styles to pair with skinny jeans, and now, we’re focused on the best shoes to wear with wide -legged pants .

Wide leg pants are strong, flowing, and usually start to fire at the top, unlike the slightly more toned-down version of the bootcut, which draws volume towards the ankles. When choosing shoes for wide leg jeans, you want to choose a pair that works with their large silhouette. Some styles that are always great? You can’t go wrong with a pair of platform pumps that add height and a dose of retro flair. Chunky sneakers are another on-trend, comfortable choice that works perfectly with the shape of the bottom. Ready for more? Read on to see and choose the shoes that are best paired with wide -legged jeans.

Directional pumps not only add great height, but the sharp toe also peeks perfectly from under wide legs silhouette-talking eye-catching detail.

It's all about the heels on this pair.

Leave it to Proenza Schouler to make cool bombs possible.

There's something about this color that's even more appealing.

The new shoe designer is leaving a huge impression on the fashion crowd.

Chunky sneakers are a great way to dress up with wide -legged pants. They are also comfortable. What’s more, the thick single trainers still add height while allowing the pants to flow.

Why has the New Balance been burning these past few days?

The combination of green and yellow is just fun.

The Air Force Ones are classics with a reason.


We can't resist this futuristic pick.

Platforms are great alternatives to thin -heeled shoes. The chunky heel and thick front platform ensure comfort throughout the day.

More comfortable than they look.

' 90s is calling. Get it!

Ready to be the most popular person in the room?

Rachel Comey always serves great clogs.

While your shoe is almost entirely concealed by wide pants, the front of the slipper is still visible, especially that is when you walk. A striking pair of boots with a unique tip is always a great choice to pair with your favorite wide leg pants.

The colorful snake is more wearable than you think.

The heavy sole will help keep these cream creams in good condition. fact: Boots are climate neutral.

You had me contrast with the green stitch.

Sandals are always great to wear with wide pants, especially when the temperature allows. They add height and size and allow the silhouette to flow and rotate as you walk.

Come for the stylish thong silhouette and stay for the unique heel shape.

I just doubled the price of them.

This is a color worth talking about.

City of Puff.

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