The Best Cheeky Underwear on the Entire Internet

The Best Cheeky Underwear on the Entire Internet

There are some categories of clothing that are harder to buy than others. For example, finding the perfect rash jeans or bra is infinitely more difficult than, for example, shopping for a T-shirt. Lingerie is another of those categories – finding the right combination of fit, material, seam allowance, and haircut can prove that you do the job yourself. While lingerie shopping is very personal based on your unique preferences, it can be made easier by identifying the style you like best – be it thong, dumb, classic bikini, or cheeky.

If the cut of your choice is cheeky, this story is for you. Cheeky underwear features a narrower cut of fabric at the back than a classic bikini but more coverage than a thong. It’s a playful, fun cut that still offers moderate coverage, making it one of my personal favorite styles. So I picked one up for the team and researched the internet looking for the best nightwear and happily compiled the list. Based on a mix of customer reviews, product descriptions, and brand reputation, below are the 30 best pairs of cheeky underwear on the internet.

Reviewed about how comfortable they were.

I suck for lace details.

No seams can be found here.

Pretty and comfortable.

I love the high rise on this.

For when you get sick of neutrals.

Best panty awards.

It comes in 16 colors, just to say.

You can also wear them under white.

No seams, no problems.

Almost too nice to hide.

The flower pattern is very beautiful.

"You can't feel a thing! I forgot I have undergarment!" Said one happy customer.

I'll take everything, please.

For the minimalist.

Leave it to Victoria's Secret to make the perfect lace-and-floral combo

Just a gentle zebra pop.

This feeling is old.

I have personally proven how comfortable I am.

Lace-up detailing is not expected.

As classic it gets.

Take the bubblegum-pink trend.

One reviewer wrote, "It's soft, beautiful, and comfortable. The quality is worth the price."

Three hundred positive reviews can't be wrong about this.

Dream alert sleeper!

You want to stock up on this.

A whole new type of lace.

"It's a must buy in my opinion. I love the cheeky look … Very flatter, super sexy, soft and comfortable, "wrote a reviewer.

It comes with so many printing options.

This color palette!

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