The Best Underwear Wear Leggings

The Best Underwear Wear Leggings

Finding perfect underwear is not an easy task, but it & # 39; s true that you & # 39; re on a mission to find the best pair to wear with leggings . To alleviate the struggle, we tapped into a field expert. Sarita Liu, director of design and development for MeUndies was kind enough to answer some of our questions and provide some insider tips to help us determine what is most important when shopping for non-display undies .

In terms of specific design techniques, he said, consider seams and edges. "Our No Show line features clean cut edges and sewn seams, which means seamless everywhere. We designed our underwear to provide minimal, day-to-day comfort, "said Liu. Fabric is also important. He uses a MicroModal spandex that stretches and adapts to fit your body perfectly (i.e., there are no unwanted lines).

And for our most burning question of all: Does it always have to be a lanyard, or can other styles work under leggings? "Our No Show Thong is very popular, but the No Show Hipster is also a great choice for those who prefer more range. They are the perfect game-changer of the outfit and perfect to wear anything tight on skin, semi-thin, or thin, "Liu said.

There you have it. Continue scrolling to see the styles Liu suggested, along with some other recommendations.

Super-soft fabric with bonded seams without lines. Plus, they come in 12 colors.

They offer a seamless look and a compressed waist.

You can't predict it from the front, but it's really a leash.

For those who are serious about expanding their lingerie collection, your best friend is a multi-pack.

When you are ready to buy in bulk.

If you like Hanky ​​Panky's famous pants, you should try its Breath line.

The Urban Outfitters sleeping collection has some surprise gems.

Nordstrom shoppers came up with about one size fits all style.

No seamless with clean edges and a leg-len gthening cut.

For those wondering about underwear, it also has leakproof technology.

Alo made the best leggings, to make sure the brand knew what it was doing.

If it has "butter" in the name, it should be good.

You can bet Lululemon knows a thing or two about high performance, no show.

If you want to splurge.

Take the look without a show, but with the addition of beautiful lace.

If you favor more coverage, this is a tough bet.

A good basis at a better price point.

These fit to fit your body – not including floating lines.

Skims offers so many color options.

It has never been softer than Hanro.

These may be your new favorite thongs (and luckily, they are available on Amazon).

A well under $ 10 find.

The breadth of cotton is unparalleled.

Unseen underwear to pair with your Everlane workout gear.

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