The Biggest Swim Trend of 2021 Has Arrived, and I Have Thoughts About It

The Biggest Swim Trend of 2021 Has Arrived, and I Have Thoughts About It

There are new bubble swim trends every year before summer, but this time there is one that is too big to ignore: three-piece swimsuits. Seen in countless TikTok videos the trend has gone viral and is poised to become the biggest swim trend this summer. However, what exactly are three-piece swimsuits? As the name suggests, it just goes beyond a bikini with an extra linking item that completes the look.

Skirt matches are especially popular pieces to add to a bikini to tap the trend, but we also see everything from pants and shorts to shirts and hats, finished in the same fabric . This is another cool way to wear matchy-matchy outfits that have become popular recently, especially in Gen Z sets .

I personally loved the idea of ​​having an easy item to throw away a swimsuit on the move from a beach look to something that felt like a more finished outfit. With deep thoughts about a vacation on the horizon, this is the first thing I pack in my suitcase. Here, check out more about the cool three-piece swimsuit trend and how insiders wear it.

Skirts are the standing item that wraps the look of a 3 piece swimsuit and I'm looking at this lurex version from Oséree. Honestly, what could feel more joyful than wearing one of those shimmery pieces?

The swimwear brand, Aexae, is one you should definitely have on your radar. One of the major purchases nowadays? Their string bikini and matching sarong in the bold green color will be dominant in 2021.

Frankies Bikinis is one of the brands you’ll find every TikToker recommends for tapping into the three-piece trend. swimsuit. It’s easy to see why, because they have a lot of cool take on it.

Cool is a Consonstr is another brand that is everywhere on TikTok today. With bold, colorful prints, their take on the trend feels right on the step with the return of fashion ' 00s.

Solid & Striped are always in the coolest trends of the season and their take on three piece swimwear along with a pair of custom sweat pants.

This might be one of my favorite takes on the three-piece swimsuit trend because you can actually wear it anywhere if you add a crisp poplin button-down over it.

Like I said, Frankies Bikinis has a lot of cool takes on three-piece swimsuits, including a pretty floral bikini printed with a matching bucket hat.

Both always design some of the most worthy bikinis of the season and I feel this style will be popular this summer.

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