The Easy Skincare Swap That Practically Guarantees Softer Skin – Here's the Tea

The Easy Skincare Swap That Practically Guarantees Softer Skin – Here's the Tea

Hot taking: confusing skincare. As fascinating as it may seem to follow a simple task consisting only of the basics, it is also well established that the other world is dewy and tiny skin many of us the chaser requiring some bells and whistles beyond just cleaner and sunscreen . On the other side of a more wall-backed skincare approach, there are a whole world of products from serums to eye creams, and a few more understanding options such as essences and ampoules to after work. Among such disturbing options is another elixir that has recently been blowing my mind (and makes my skin so soft), known as liquid lotion.

While lotion is not a new concept by any means, it is the recent colored use of the term lotion in western skincare that has left some areas for questions. In the middle of the state, this word has been used historically to describe a lightweight cream in both the face and body category, characterized by moisturizing or otherwise humectant properties. Getting a bottle of lotion always means you force a pump or squeeze a tube to send a gel-like rotation of a smooth, diffuse emolient.

Thanks to the ever-growing appreciation of Asian beauty rituals — especially the activities involved from Korea and Japan —our understanding of what can be a product labeled lotion changed to include milk, close liquid, and liquid formula intended tapped into the skin to deliver not only intense hydration but sometimes active ingredients as well.

Don't get it hooked – skincare companies can give products all sorts of confusing monikers (as long as any claims they make are mostly true), and this name game has a lot to do with the confusion around certain skincare product functions. But when it comes to the lotion-versus-liquid-lotion difference, it's really more of a sign of diversity in the use of the word in different parts of the world. As commentators and mods who have tried tirelessly to make sense of the liquid lotion conversation in the skincare communities on Reddit and more have explained, a liquid lotion in the Asian beauty tradition is essentially the same as being called American toners. The difference is that instead of trying to extract oil or even exfoliate the skin, like the quintessential toners first thought of for most skincare enthusiasts in the West, liquid lotions are intended to share deep hydrating levels and substances that strengthen the skin’s barrier. Unlike exfoliating lotions that mostly stay on top of the skin to lock in moisture, liquid lotions are usually lightweight and water-based (or somehow have a penetrating water phase) so they can actually soak. on the skin, and as a result, the soothing, hydrating ingredient can travel deeper and actually fight dryness from the inside out.

I first learned about this lotion from the mother of WWW market editor India Brown, Ms. Yolanda. She is 53 years old but looks younger, so when she blessed us with her entire skin care work, I studied it as if there was going to be a test. He called this product one of his favorites. “I consider it my secret weapon because this toner is super hydrating and leaves my skin glowy,” she says. And he’s not alone-reviewers of all age groups swear by turning back time and keeping skin soft.

Then I realized that one of my own holy -grail products really fits into the liquid lotion category, too. It was formulated by one of the game's top skincare experts, Renee Rouleau and while it's called a toner (again, speaking to the variables in the skincare product nomenclature), it's slightly larger than a standard toner . Its consistency falls somewhere between a serum and ultra-lightweight water cream. (Peek below to cover consistency.) I pressed it into my freshly cleansed skin and applied other hydrating serums and a moisturizer on top. The result is plump, happy skin that seriously glows. I find myself reaching for this bottle all year round, whether I’m dealing with super dry winter skin or more oily summer skin. Regardless of what, it helps my face feel balanced and soft, and look plump and tender.

Intrigued by liquid lotions? Don’t be shy, this is a beauty editor approved addition to your skincare lineup! Keep scrolling to find out about some of the highest rated liquid lotions at each price point.

This intense hydrating liquid lotion is on the pricier end, but some dying fans have made a case for scraping funds to buy. It has pore-refining trimethylglycine and a host of Japanese botanicals such as Uji green tea extract, Oshima sakura leaf extract, and Hokkaido angelica root extract to soothe and care for the skin. A Sephora reviewer commented that her skin never felt softer than when she used this product. Now with a glowing review!

This one more closely resembles what Americans typically classify as a lotion, but is ultra-lightweight but deep hydration and close That fluid consistency is just a couple of reasons people like it. Consumers of Peach & Lily have repeatedly commented about its soothing, hyperpigmentating power as well.

Kose is another J-brand that you can be sure of to encounter if you spend time walking the Asian skincare boards all over the web. People love this thing. This lotion aims to stimulate blood circulation, promote a smooth complexion, radiant skin, and fine pores. It finishes the job using brightening coix seed extract, hydrating angelica extract, moisturizing melothria, and inflammation-soothing dipotassium glycyrrhizate.

The powerful antioxidant coenzyme Q10 has long been used as a frontline defender against premature aging. This is the hero ingredient of this DHC lotion, which aims to minimize environmental stresses and help the skin absorb and retain moisture to maintain elasticity. Hyaluronic acid, castor oil, vitamin E, and AHA revolve around the formula.

Here's another buzzy DHC lotion that's getting good reviews. This one is intended for sensitive skin types as it calls for cooling cucumber drink to calm, soothe and balance even the most reactive skin.

Tokyo-born DHC is best known for the cult-favorite Deep Cleansing Oil (28), but clearly, the brand is a machine manufacturer when it comes in liquid lotions as well. This one consists of an exclusive alpha gel technology that is supposed to offer multiple layers of moister. It also gets skin-loving brown seaweed to firm the skin, ceramide polymer to strengthen, cupuacu butter to moisturize, and macadamia extract to hydrate and protect. It absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves a subtle shiny finish for an enviable glow.

Here is a lotion to address acne. It specially consists of a strong blend of herbs such as tea and Centella Asiatica extract to relieve irritation and inflammation while controlling excess sebum that can lead to blemishes.

If you’re addicted to TikTok’s pocket skincare like I am, you’ve probably seen this product go round. People are really obsessed. It’s a multi-tasking, clear lotion with seven different types of hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, panthenol, and natural exfoliating enzymes intended to firm, exfoliate, soothe, and deeply hydrate skin simultaneously- at the same time.

This DHC option is different than the others on this list if where it is slowly released by glycolic acid as it is hydrated. Despite its dead cell -cell -infiltration, Dermstore reviewers say it’s enough for sensitive and even irritated skin and leaves the face beautiful and soft.

Americans have Benton that is grateful to many of the early introductions to K-beauty traditions now feel common state in other skin care practices there. This one consists of quintessential Korean ingredients such as snail secretion filtrate and bee venom, which help to get rid of dark spots and support skin strengthening. It also gets HA for deep, replenishing hydration.

Five molecular weights of hyaluronic acid put this lotion among the other Hada Labo lotions on this list, with three. Either way, you can’t go wrong with a choice from the delightful brand J-beauty.

This pre-moisturizer lotion helps improve the skin's moisture retention ability, leading to better hydration You can also soak cotton pad here to make your own masks on the sheet.

This hyaluronic acid lotion delivers a water that explodes into the skin. An Amazon reviewer even ranked it among the more expensive products, saying, "I'm almost 68 and use top expensive brands that have done less. Save your money; this Hada Labo is a great brand. " That’s the kind of endorsement we want to see. Next: My Skin Is Parched-These Products Are My Hydration Saviors

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