The February 2022 cover of Vogue by HoYeon Jung received mixed reviews

The February 2022 cover of Vogue by HoYeon Jung received mixed reviews

Something is going on at Vogue and we definitely agree! After years of screaming for us to give us cover stars who have never graced the American fashion bible before, Anna Wintour is finally delivering. In the last six months alone we have seen both Lorde and Olivia Wilde make their debuts. Now the cover star of Vogue in February 2022 is HoYeon Jung. After a short detour to Vogue Korea, the South Korean model in a cape and dress from Louis Vuitton's spring 2022 the latest American Vogue was selected by the stylist Alex Harrington for the picture captured by Harley Weir. “Wow, that looks so good. So modern! "Exclaimed caioherrero .

" WOW! Literally the first cover of US Vogue in a long time that I (really) like ", confessed Zorka .

DK92 was pleasantly surprised:" I'm impressed, a big improvement for Vogue US! ”

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“I can't do that. That would be good for some, I don't know, Vogue Portugal random unimportant month, but Vogue US? I know that they have to close the Asian representation quota so that Twitter doesn't cancel it again, but at least make an effort, "wrote dontbeadrag .

" I love the cover story, but hate the font and the hair " , complained amby .

"A refreshing choice of the title star, but this new typography treatment is terrible … The cover would have been great with a location background and better layout," noted LastNight .

Meanwhile, the Vogue28 wasn't exactly a leap for joy either. “A really hideous cover without a single redeeming feature. I appreciate that it's a stark departure from previous covers, but I would have much preferred that HoYeon Jung had the quintessentially American Vogue cover treatment as opposed to that eyesore. ”[19659005] Check out the cover shoot and share your thoughts here .

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