The French Underwear Trend That Lengthens Your Legs

The French Underwear Trend That Lengthens Your Legs

"The latest trend in underwear is actually the high-cut French briefs." Boom. You heard it first here, courtesy of Journelle Head of Product Development Sandra Rose, aka the woman in charge of knowing what’s new and next in the underwear space for one of the US’s most expensive lingerie retailers. There are several reasons to go with the trend, but my main motive? The style of underwear makes your legs look longer.

"On the band that sits on your natural waist, it gives you legs for days!" said Rose. Fleur du Mal founder Jennifer Zuccarini agrees: “High-cut styles lengthen your leg line and emphasize your waist because they are higher, in more small part of your waist than, for example, a hip-hugger style. . ” Another, more practical plus of the high-cut underwear trend? “The higher the rise, the less likely it is for them to come together when you’re wearing high-waisted pants and skirts,” Rose said.

Where high-waisted reappeared. cut French originated the short trend, Zuccarini attributed it to Instagram It models like Kendall Jenner Bella and Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski as well as supermodels of the ' 90s like Naomi Campbell. As with any trend, “it takes time and repeated wearing by the right people, for people to have a new look like this,” Zuccarini says. is now to jump on the high-cut underwear trend. To help you with that goal, we’ve put together the best options along with some visual inspiration to get you started.

You can't go wrong with classic white.

I may need to spring for a matching bralette …
I may need to spring for a matching bralette …

[19] your underwear drawer only needs color.


[1945] five-star underwear here (according to actual reviews).

the briefs have a high rating on Nordstrom thanks to how comfortable they are.

If it wasn't chic lingerie, we wouldn't know what it was.
Rihanna did it again.

This pair has three other colors.

This lilac color is perfect for spring. .

Lace thongs are very classic and comfortable. 19459005

Worth the brag.

Kim Kardashian did it again.

Very French woman, do you think?

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