The Only 16 Lipstick Brands That Matter, According to Makeup Artists and Editors

The Only 16 Lipstick Brands That Matter, According to Makeup Artists and Editors

We have many choices when it comes to lipstick . You know what else we have because of such diversity? People who have a lot of feelings and opinions about their should have lipsticks . Most people will stay loyal to them, and how can you blame them. Why mess with a good thing if it really works for you?

Curious to find out what hill societies kill people, I polled my colleagues on Who What Wear and makeup artists for their hands-down favorite brands . Check out what they said below. Maybe you agree with them, or maybe you can find brand new ones to experiment with. (Don't worry. This is not a scam of your existing inventory – just call it "exploration.")

"At this point, my personal beauty mantra goes something like this: When in doubt, go with Charlotte Tilbury. I'm really obsessed with every single product she makes. (true, There is something mysterious running through the water there), but lipsticks, in particular, are very dreamy.It is one of the only brands of lipstick that actually delivers long-lasting pigment and hydration and that & # 39; your lips but better & # 39; one-two punches. I love the many colors in the Matte Revolution formula (my fave), but if I choose a few favorites, I can say I can easily wear Pillow Talk Orig inal, Pillow Talk Medium, and Walk of No Shame for the rest of my life and feel perfectly satisfied. Also, technically, it is not a lipstick per se, but the brand new Ted balms cans launched are very good . They deliver the perfect amount of color and consist of grade-skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, so you really get a noticeable plumping and moisturizing effect. This is a great choice for 2021 if lipstick is still not your vibe due to all wearing masks. "- Erin Jahns, Beauty Editor

19659002] "Despite all the brands out there offering endless shades of lipstick, finding the perfect nude for Black and brown skin can be a struggle Shades labeled as nudes in generally too light for me, there are wrong conflicts in it, and give me that dreaded mouth All that changed when I discovered Mented Cosmetics and the beautiful lipsticks created with Black and brown women in mind. "- Courtney Higgs, Associate Beauty Editor

"There is so much love about this lipstick that I do not know where to start. But here we are: As the name implies, this product is a bit thinner and more moisturizing than your average lipstick. It lends to a slightly less & # 39; done & # 39; that looks still packed with a punch of pigment. The founders of Rituel de Fille (a trio of badass brothers based in Los Angeles) really know the color. There is something about every shade that feels far from the main. My favorite colors are discontinued (sobs!), But Bittersweet and Devil & # 39; s Claw are great too. The brand is clean, and it reveals every single ingredient, something that is relatively rare in the world of beauty. I also like that this pick comes in a thin tube that doesn’t take up too much space in my packed-to-the-brim makeup bag. "- Kat Collings, Editor in Chief

" Armani Beauty has endless choices of textures and colors of lipsticks. Personally, I like Ecstasy Mirror lip lacquer. My favorite shade is 503 Vertigo — they are a hybrid between a gloss and a liquid lipstick. This product will moisturize your lips but also has amazing longevity. A truly revolutionary formula in my opinion. Another favorite of mine is Rouge D & # 39; Armani Matte Lipstick in 301. I love this shade! "- Valeria Ferreira celebrity makeup artist (Clients include Victoria Beckham and Lily James.)

" Armani Beauty & # 39; s Lip Maestro is a long-wearing liquid lipstick looks creamy matte so your lips will stay soft, and they will not dry out. You can wear it as a stain or apply it with a lip brush for high impact color. Also, it has some amazing reds to choose from. "- Mai Quynh celebrity makeup artist (with clients Daisy Ridley and Tessa Thompson.)

"For a pharmacy option, I love lipstick's Maybelline. There are many shades available, and since many products can be less than $ 10, I don’t feel bad about stocking up on certain colors. My favorite now is the SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick. It runs smoothly and provides a sophisticated matte finish with plenty of staying power. "- Sarah Yang, Managing Editor, THE / THIRTY

" For me, the making a lipstick stay in my kit is, of course, the shade made but there is also pigmentation (because not all lipstick colors touch the lip like it does on the bullet) and formula availability (because not every lipstick can slip in and stay in place). Nurse is one of the brands that my client’s lipsticks often ask for colors because they have in their own makeup bags. "- William Scott celebrity makeup artist (clients include Padma Lakshmi and Hana Bronfman.)

"I really love every product from Fenty Beauty Mattemoiselle Lipstick, Stunna Lip, and Gloss Bomb are among my latest favorites. They are always in my personal makeup bag and kit. They have great longevity, and the colors are just perfect – so the wrap! "- Ferreira


"Pat McGrath makes some of the best makeup available today, and his lipstick shade selection is clean, and the formula is flawless. Pat McGrath saved many lives when he created a line of nudes in the MatteTrance formula, and my favorite shades were Fever Dream and Deep Orchid. "- Scott

" Pat McGrath makes the most lovely matte lipsticks. Creamy, long-lasting, and has the strongest stain strength. Two of my favorite shades are MatteTrance Lipstick in Obsessive shades! and Venus in Furs. "- Ferreira

Kosas can’t do anything wrong with my book, and its lip products are probably some of my dearest. I really appreciate how carefully the shade has been edited (nothing is more frightening than the 100 colors to choose from), and I honestly own, and legitimately wear, each. single one They last all day with minimal touch-ups required, the formula is plush and moisturizing, and the packaging is smooth and sophisticated. Oh, and they are clean! While I love them all, I have found that I often gravitate toward the shades of Rosewater, Stardust, and Vegas — the latter being my ultimate warm naked body that I spent almost five years of my life looking for. . Finally found it! – Jahns

"Jill Stuart Beauty Lip Blossom lipsticks are super hydrating and leave a glow. , smooth finish. I love the subtle shine and color of its leaves on the lips. And the cute flip mirror on the cap is a plus. "- Quynh

"I don't care what anyone says, MAC lipsticks are still some of the best out there. The brand creates quite a colorful, super-diverse offering of color since the first time it was fashionable to do it, and I always have a special appreciation for it.I have fond memories of visiting the MAC counter with my mom when I was younger and watching her pick those lipstick lipstick that enhances her look and feel.That the feeling of still washing me every time I open a new bullet or revisit a beloved old man like me and Rihanna’s favorite red Ruby Woo. "- Higgs

My first lipsticks were Covergirl, so wearing one of these lip colors always made me nostalgic. I like the scope of formulas and conclusions. And of course, you can not complain about the price. "- Yang

" Victoria Beckham Beauty lip liners are beyond perfect. The colors are incredible. I also love the Posh Lip range – the Girl shade is a perfect nude tone. Very versatile, and the texture is embraced and long. "- Ferreira

& # 39; m a sucker for a Chanel lipstick. Every detail is taken from the embossed logo on the actual lipstick to the detail of the camellia on the tube. The formulation is designed for performance, so you know you can be set for the whole day. Every color is beautiful, so you really can't go wrong. "- Collings

" Shiseido has some of my favorite, beautiful creamy nudes. Modern Matte Lipstick in Murmur is one of my favorite nude colors that works in many different colors. ColorGel LipBalm is another favorite, especially the Hibiscus shade. "- Scott

I wonder how many universal shades this line created to complement each skin tone. The packaging is great because it contains a double sided matte lipstick and matching lip gloss that is combined with each other or separate wear. "- Quynh

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