These 5 Gender Neutral Brands Have Something To Do For Everyone

These 5 Gender Neutral Brands Have Something To Do For Everyone

It took a pandemic to realize how often I borrowed my girlfriend's clothes. Today we are both practically dressed like Larry David, so crew-neck sweaters and sweatpants are in heavy rotation. A lot of times I slipped on a sweatshirt just to realize after putting it on that it was almost two sizes too big, and so was my girlfriend. But of course, regardless of how you identify, almost everything we want in our clothes. Some may prioritize aesthetics over functionality and vice versa, but at the end of the day we all want to look and feel happy.

The strict gender line that the fashion industry first followed was blurred and thank goodness for that I love the idea of ​​walking into a store (more realistic shopping online now) and not only find something for myself, but also for the celebrities in my life. It is no accident that some of my favorite brands of late were the ones that adopted the gender-specific approach, designing their collections with everyone in mind. After all, good style is universal . Keep reading in advance to see all the brands doing this.

Entireworld makes the kind of clothes you want to live in – they are affordable, quiet chic, and above all carefree. And because of the uncertain times we are in, all of those qualities are definitely available. From oversized button-downs and t-shirts to wool coats and socks, Entireworld offers all the basics you need to build a solid wardrobe. With the seemingly endless sweatsuit season, I was tempted to stock up on their sweatsuit in every color imaginable.

One of the exciting new faces on the scene is designer Emily Bode. His namesake label uses interior fabrics to create one of a kind jackets and shirts that you want to keep forever. It is usually stocked in the men’s section on retailers like Net-a-Porter and Matches, but my friends who have known women have been in Bode for many years, loving the embellished embroidered them with short-sleeved button-downs. Bella Hadid is also a big fan.

You will not escape the buzz of Telfar. Everyone knows about shopping bags, but behind the pandemonium of handbags, there is also great fashion. The designer of Telfar Clemens does not prescribe gender standards on her clothes — the ruffled ruffled skirts and crocheted knits on the shoulder have room for anyone and everyone. If you are keen to get a piece, the brand’s recent collaboration with Converse is a new release worth checking out.

If I could live with a brand for the rest of my life, it would be Wales Bonner. There is a cool, immersive aura about the brand founded by designer Grace Wales Bonner in 2014. You can rely on poorly tailored blazers and pants, but adding some unexpected sartorial edge. To my dismay Wales Bonner partnered with Adidas for a limited collab, offering a range of sporty but sophisticated logos, track pants, and sneakers. Believed that everything has been added to my cart.

Many of the greatest trends of this period evolved from the grandfather's traditional aesthetic – three quarter-zip sweaters, Harrington jackets, and sweat knit cables in the name of the few – so it doesn & # 39; t make sense that people who are not represented by the opposite sex want people. Beginner Amiss Conception is all about giving you classics. Think of polos, joggers, and sweaters that are easy to mix and match with timeless appeal. Their styles are also available in many colors if you find a style you like, you can stock up on each color.

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