These Makeup-Skincare Hybrids I Usually Wear on My Face Today

These Makeup-Skincare Hybrids I Usually Wear on My Face Today

I'll be honest: A little silver lining of pandemic skipped the whole face of makeup every day. I used to love wearing makeup, but now I don't have to — and annoyingly, it always ends up in my face mask. No-makeup makeup days, once reserved for weekends, has been my go-to: a little concealer or color here and there to help stimulate my look for Zooms, coffee run, or the weird occasion I leave my borough.

Luckily, if the latest yield of the products offered is any indication, I'm not alone. Makeup-skincare hybrid products are all the rage. As we live in a new work of “skinimalism,” it’s all about thin skin tints with almost no lash tints, and almost anything with the word “tint” on it. But the additional skincare benefits set these products apart and make them worthwhile to use every day. No more hassle, keep scrolling for the 15 makeup-skincare hybrids that fill my cosmetic bag these days.

A peek at my usual no-makeup makeup look: tinted moisturizer, a touch of concealer, lash tint, and tinted lip balm.

On days when I just want enough coverage, this gel-like tinted moisturizer evens out the color of my skin, providing dewy finish, and adds sun protection.

If you prefer mineral sunscreen, this is another fantastic tinted-moisturizer option. Plus, it’s made with many skincare ingredients including hyaluronic acid and enhancing licorice root extract.

Many face serums give skin that glow, but this one literally contains a light-reflecting pigment, making it two-in-one that you never knew you needed. Dap a little on your cheekbones as a highlighter, or mix a few drops with your tinted moisturizer for boosting shine and hydration.

This serum acts like a primer, so you can apply it before the tinted moisturizer, or you can skip it entirely for a glass-skin look courtesy of diamond mineral powder.

There was sunscreen, and then there was Glowscreen, and those who tested the latter knew it was in its own class. The thin and peachy tint helps even out the skin tone, and it gives a bit of shine that looks just as good with makeup (if that’s how fast you go).

There’s a reason why it became an instant best seller this under-eye balm. In fact, there are several reasons: It hydrates and cools the skin when touched, it instantly accentuates dark circles, and it’s full of skin-loving ingredients. Bonus: You can also swipe it on your cheekbones as a highlighter.

On days when you just need a hint of concealer to look more like you, this vitamin-packed, serum-like formula makes trick. And the rollerball applicator? Genius.

Three words: tinted eye cream. Tatcha combines the anti-aging properties of hyaluronic acid and its proprietary Hadasei-3 superfood blend with light-reflecting pigments and pearl extract for a formula that wakes up instantly under the eyes and over. weather. Perfection.

With castor oil, jojoba esters, and plant-derived protein, this lash tint is like wearing conditioner instead of mascara. Plus, it’s offered in black, brown, or clear so you can choose a little color or none.

I still want a Too Faced Better Than Sex moment for special occasions, but more often than not no, i want a little color to help my lashes stand out. This moisturizing mascara adds just enough oomph, and a very small brush gets into every lash.

As comfortable as balm and as glitter, these vitamin -enriched lip oils have been a favorite lately. There are seven sheer shades to choose from, plus one that will clearly take you back to middle school (in the best way).

From Bobbi Brown's new beauty line, Jones Road, comes this multipurpose pot. Use it to moisturize the lips or add a thin wash of color to the cheeks or eyes.

This formula works with hyaluronic acid, which adds a bonus plumping effect you don't often see in a balm. And how nice is the sporty tube?

Don't forget: Lips also need sun protection! This little balm has SPF 15 and comes with four universally flattering shades that look perfect away from the beach.

People go wild every time Glossier puts a new flavor on its jammy lip balms. The latest? Sweet Cookie Butter, complete with a thin caramel color.

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