These Studies Show 3 Items That Always Pack Travelers But Not Wear

These Studies Show 3 Items That Always Pack Travelers But Not Wear

Even though my travel plans for this year were paused, I was still reviewing my packing skills. Knowing what to throw away in a carryer versus what to keep at home is an important organizational tool I still use in time for my big year-end closet cleaning. As a former chronic super packer, learning to travel light will definitely take some time. If you're like me, a recent study conducted by Trunk Club (Nordstrom's personal style company) might arouse your interest. The study examined American travel and packing habits and found that a whopping 62{3b6d54749ed010f295baedc19c7bcbe5402578d5aad68061f1a78b0e7536ef36} of those surveyed admitted to excessive packing when traveling, which the study attributed to the fact that most began to wrap up 24 hours before leaving. They also voted that packing was more stressful than travel itself. A sudden stay at home does not sound too bad.

The study found that "almost a quarter of the average suitcase [is] was left untouched when traveling," which is a shame when we all use too much space for things that are Really wear, or even replace our suitcase for a smaller one. So what are the most common items that are always packed but not worn by people? Jackets, long-sleeved shirts, and socks . (This tidbit can be handy to note the next trip will be something again.) Maggie Mee, head of merchandising at Trunk Club, advised, “To avoid over-packing, consider using versatile items that can be repurposed for many clothes and occasions. "Translation: Shrink it with a jacket, two long-sleeved shirts, and just enough socks to cover the day when wearing shoes. really need socks.

Read the survey for more findings from the study, and scroll to select some of the versatile items I have learned to always pack.

No matter what season it is, I always have a denim jacket in my suitcase.

I gravitated towards subtle clothes that no one would notice if I wore them more than once.

A skin-fitting, ribbed tee in both black and white is required.

They are comfortable and shiny enough to wear all day in even the chicest of cities.

This J Brand style is very soft, and the wash is completely versatile.

Yes, the leopard version of this skirt is a classic cult, but black is perfect for travel.

A layering piece that takes up little space.

I packed them on more trips than I could count.

A pair of wide-legged pants and a pair of jeans may be enough for a short trip.

This bag is the perfect size for travel, and has many uses.

I always pack a lightweight hoodie – even in summer.

The best case of jewelry travel ever.

A simple sweater that can easily come in contact with any underwear.

You I want to stay comfortable walking all day.

Packing skincare and other bathrooms has not been easy.

A cardigan is all you need to wear alone or on top as an extra layer.

These cashmere pants can be easily moved from day to night with the right top and shoes.

Bots are a much larger item so get a pair that is not too big and too versatile.

A coat is a necessity, so do not leave it at home! Stick with enough formal to wear fancier clothing, but lowkey enough to wear jeans.

A durable tote bag is a must have travel.

The neckline adds visual interest if you spontaneously need an elegant top.

A jumpsuit is the ultimate travel time saver. It also eliminates the need for packing two separate pieces to create an outfit.

A sophisticated shoe that will thank you for your feet. Also bonus points for easy wrapping.

Dress it with sneakers or jazz it with ballet flats.

A reusable mug not only eco-conscious, but also eliminates the need for multiple water bottles that take up space in your tote bag .

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