This Pretty (But Major) Underwear Trend Doesn't Fail to Impress Me

This Pretty (But Major) Underwear Trend Doesn't Fail to Impress Me

Let's talk about lingerie trends . Currently on deck for 2021 are some new styles that I’m personally excited about, such as boy shorts and boxers. But if classic staples are faster for you or you just want to find out about lingerie items that will stand the test of time, look no further than lace pieces. Lace lingerie, specifically lace underwear, is one of those things that I’m convinced will never “come out” no matter how many trend reports may come and go. It's more of a basic, but a fun and meticulous basic in that regard.

Right now, I'm all about updating the " special basics" Across my closet. I was looking at some beautiful pieces of lace that I think would make great additions to my top drawer. The only drawback is there are a myriad of options out there. Search for “lace underwear” in any retailer’s search bar, and I guarantee you’ll be flooded with a ton of hits, so I simplify the process and highlight the best pieces in every type of underwear, from belts to in briefs up to men's shorts. Scroll down to choose the best lace lingerie in each category.

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The colors of this fall are really right right now. you've always ignored boy shorts in the past, but these great options are on my attention.

A classic.
[1945][1945][1945][1945][19459999] They are is beautiful.

They offer two trends in one: lace and mesh. They look comfortable. ]
With a matching bra, this set has a total vibe. [1945] 9005]

19659002 19659011] There's lace, and then there's scalloped lace.


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Just wow

Wow lang.

[194590&04] This.

For fans of [9.9][0][9][0][5][9][0][9]

A little lace can go a long way.

A little lace can go a long way.



See what I mean by nice but basic?

Must have a matching thong.
Must have a matching belt.

[945902] [1945945] This is just the stylish set. available at ASOS.

PSA: Zara has some of the best lace sets today. Shop for a matching Lace Thong ($ 36).

See what I mean? Shop for matching Lace Panties ($ 40).

Next, shop the best lingerie brands, period .

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