This Underrated Product Makes My Legs Low-Key Airbrush

This Underrated Product Makes My Legs Low-Key Airbrush

I love the look of sun-kissed skin, but I don ' t love sun damage, so I don ' t always have even a self-tanner on hand. The right ones will bring out my skin tone and boost my glow, so I don ' t mind using them all year round, even in the dead of winter if my skin hasn ' t seen sunlight. in the moon or in the summer when I have or don’t have a natural tan formation (don’t worry-I always wear sunscreen!). . Sometimes, however, I just want a little extra on my legs, especially in the summer when I take off all my jeans and long dress for short shorts, a skirt, or a simple bathing suit umbrella. That’s when I turned to leg makeup. Yes, foot makeup. Do you know that thing? It is, and I think, it is underrated, because it makes my legs look low-key airbrush. Keep scrolling to see the 15 best foot makeup products to try this summer.

This product is like BB cream for the body (it works a little at all). Not only does it provide an instant complexion that can be washed off anytime, but it also gives a full-blown glow to the skin. Meanwhile, ingredients that are great for the skin such as shea butter, glycerin, and vitamin E that smooth and hydrate the skin. Simply use a tanning mitt or your hands and apply pea -sized dots along your legs, combining them in long, circular motions. If you use your hands, make sure. to wash them after application so as not to transfer any color. Promising review: "I love this product. I use it to spread out sunspots and freckles, and it also works well after using a noodle on its own to add a little more copper color and even all. is for a flawless look. "

This is one of my personal favorite leg-makeup products. I was first introduced here during an exceptionally hot Coachella weekend. It made my legs look flawless and sun-kissed without any running, smudging, or shifting whatsoever (that was a big deal, considering it was a 100+ degree day in the California desert) ). To this day, it remains one of my go-to products. Promising review: "This product is really life changing. I've been using it for over a year now. It's always been my go-to for every event. It's easy to apply and very easy to get off at the end of the day. Quickly get away with it. of lukewarm soapy water. Not to say this product is too easy for those lazy days if I don't want to marina with a foam tanner. "

twice (well, sort of). This version is about a reflective, high -gloss finish (I’m obsessed with the glow it gives). I like the fact even though it’s super dewy, it’s not too heavy or sticky on my skin, just nice and moisturized. Promising review: "The luster of this product brightens you up! I love the look of it because it makes you bronze and beautiful skin tone. The color is amazing and suits everyone else &#39. different types of skin colors. "

I assume this is the product Rihanna uses to make these amazing legs (and they are always amazing). It is a matte body color that has a subtle shimmer to give a healthy looking glow. It has a fairly wide range of shades up to the going foot (there are seven to choose from), so it's easy to customize and move along with the seasons. Promising review: "I love the glow I get here. It looks better on a faux tan. I've found that it blends better if I moisturize first. It dries quickly and doesn't move."

This is an iconic drugstore product and one of the best budget buys out there. First, it ' s a spray, so it ' s incredibly quick and easy to apply (although, to ensure even coverage, I like to spray it with a mitt before applying it to my skin). Second, once it dries down, it is transfer- and water-resistant, so it doesn ' t slow down to summer sweat and moisture. For only $ 12, you really don’t find anything better. Promising review: "I love this product! It's makeup, not a self-wrap. I'd love to keep it on until you wash it off with soap !!! It covers flaws and mistakes without the stench of self-indulgent. This is my best friend at the beach and for evening nights after a day at the beach! "

Hot tip: Some of your favorite foundations can double as makeup feet (as long as you are willing to use them that way). Take this Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation, for example. As the name implies, it is formulated for both face and body, which means it is resistant to water and sweat. It can also build up, so you can apply a thin wash of color to blur and perfect the look of your legs, or choose a flawless, full covered look. Promising review: "This foundation provides a smooth finish and is very buildable (can be worn as a lightweight option). It does a great job of covering up uneven skin and imperfections. I especially like it that it’s not too thick or slippery, especially in the summer. ”

Here’s another face and body foundation that offers a beautiful earnest finish to my lips. Like the Dior foundation, this one is water resistant. It’s also super lightweight, which I like for the summer (when it’s hot outside, the last thing I want is to feel like my legs are soaked in makeup). I take this one when I want a thin, natural looking result. Promising review: "I was amazed, hooked. I combined it with a little sunscreen or moisturizer and 100% my skin, only better."

If you're looking for something that has a lot of scope (like a lot), this one is for you. People use it to cover tattoos, so it ' s sure to cover any imperfections in the legs and body. It is smudge- and transfer-resistant for up to 16 hours when used with Dermablend Setting Powder ($ 29). It even has SPF 25 built into the formula for added sun protection. Promising review: "I used this product to cover some bruises and broken blood vessels and it worked perfectly. It's very colorful. Pretty enough to cover almost anything, and you can even layer it if needed The color match on my skin looked very natural and I really enjoyed this product. ”

This tan -enhancing product invigorates the skin with a natural -looking sun -kissed color. It also features the skin with a subtle shimmer effect that I like. All I can say is it makes my legs really beautiful, and that’s all I ask from a product like this. Promising review: "This body gloss is my new go-to product !! I love the instant color and earnest look it leaves you with! I know I'm sure I'll buy a lot of it. It's amazing. !! "

A combination between a body serum and a body tint, this unique formula uses hydrating ingredients and vitamins C and E to provide long -term skin benefits. It promises to kill dry skin and meet the time difference in skin tone. As for the color itself, it is very thin and natural-looking, giving a touch of warmth. Promising review: "I love this product […] The thing I love most about this thing is that it dries really fast and stays on when it's dry."

You can apply this product directly from the tube or mix it with a body lotion for better spreading ability (reviewers recommend the latter). It’s a shimmery, blurring body tint with four stunning shades: champagne, rose gold, bronze, and mocha. Promising review: "I use this product as a blend in lotions on my body and it really adds the right amount of healthy glow to my skin."

It's called a "Perfect," but actually a foundation-illuminator hybrid. Apply it with your hands to clean, dry skin before gently tapping the area with a tissue or makeup sponge to remove excess product. The brand claims that this technique will keep it transfer-resistant for up to 24 hours. Promising review: "Love this product! Great coverage. I have blue veins all over my ankles. It's completely covering so I can wear the Sandals with confidence." thanks to a blend of microfine gold and copper pearls. It also contains vitamins A, C, and E, along with caffeine, aloe, and chamomile for moisture and nourishment. Promising review: "This thing is really amazing. It gives you a shimmery glow like no other product I've seen. It stays in place once it dries and it washes in the shower. It does my favorite! "

This body bronzer is made up of avocado, chia seeds, and coconut oils, so it ' s as moisturizing as it is brushing. It’s also easy to apply and take off (when it comes to the former, reviewers recommend using a mitt. When it comes to the latter, all you need is a little water). Promising review: "I really love this product when you need a nice glow. I use it to add an extra boost to my tan without being too good. It goes well and blends well. It's fragrant and doesn't have much lingering odor .You need to wash your hands properly after applying or your palms will be brass. Would def recommend. "

Okay, so it ' s not technically a foot makeup product , but it’s worth mentioning because it’s the exact product that Bebe Rexha counts for red carpet events (and if it’s enough for the red carpet, then it’s enough for us). He became poetic about it in his recent interview with Who What Wear. Promising review (from Bebe Rexha): "My makeup was done by Mario Dedivanovic, and he used Bobbi Brown ' s Foundation Stick all over my legs, and it was incredible. Now I do it all the time. You take the stick and you kind of melt it in your hands.You can also mix it with a little lotion if you want a lighter coverage, but I personally prefer it heavier, especially for awards shows or events if I want more of an airbrush effect.Certainly you broke a piece of foundation stick off, you melted it in your hands a little bit, and then you just need to go in there for a second to your legs. It's legit that makes your skin look airbrush! "

Next, the large shimmers on the body are one thing-we'll use 15 full summer .

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