Thrift Haul! See The 2022 Trends I Found Secondhand

Thrift Haul! See The 2022 Trends I Found Secondhand

Everyday, a new “vintage” style trend makes its way back around onto the trend cycle. Instead of buying modern-day trends brand new, I, and many other fashion people have found a special love in purchasing the trends secondhand. Once you get into the habit of searching the racks at your local thrift store, you learn that it’s not hard to create a really cool outfit with clothing that has lived a previous life. Not only do you find things with high-quality at a lower price-point, but you’ll unearth unique items that you wouldn’t find so easily at a mass-market retailer. The pieces I find end up feeling more special, and sometimes even more wearable than the items I buy brand new. 

I’ve always loved thrifting, but I decided to put my shopping skills to the best and see what 2022 trends I could find while secondhand shopping. Not only did I find 5 pieces that feel very relevant to what’s current now, but they’ve immediately become some of my favorite pieces in my closet. That said, I’m sharing my most recent thrift store finds with you below. From a boxy blazer that goes with everything to my dream Calvin Klein button-down, keep reading to see how I’ve styled each piece. Hopefully, my success will give you the motivation to plan a thrifting trip in the near future. And if you can’t make it out to the thrift store IRL, I found some secondhand items online for you to shop, but act quick because they sell fast.

Thrifting Tip: Invest in staple pieces and look for statement pieces secondhand. They’ll actually be unique, and you’ll feel like you found a special gem made just for you. The excitement of the find alone will motivate you to wear it more often. When I spotted this cobalt blue set, I instantly knew I had to have it. Most of my “statement” pieces have actually been found thrifting—the stores are always flooded with bright colored sweaters, blazers, and trousers. You often find unique colors that aren’t as popular on the market or prints that’ll rake in compliments anywhere you go.

Thrifting Tip: Don’t sleep on the men’s section. In fact, when looking for loose shirting, head straight to the men’s section. You’ll find high-quality and soft button-downs that’ll become wardrobe staples immediately. If you ask any of our editors, they’ll agree with the fact that the best button-downs are found secondhand. Not only are they incredibly soft (team vintage quality forever) but the fit is often relaxed, just like we like it. Take one scope in the men’s section and you’ll find a plethora of button downs from Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and more. I picked up this Calvin Klein one for under $15, and have been wearing it nonstop.

Thrifting Tip: Outerwear is probably one of the more expensive things you’ll have to purchase, but when it comes to materials like leather, wool, or suede—the thrift store often has better options. The quality of the material is usually better than what’s on the mass market, and it’ll be cheaper. I’m sure you’ve already heard, but bomber jackets are back. After searching through retailers for one, I found this option secondhand, and it definitely beat any jacket that was sitting in my cart online. Vintage bombers have a relaxed fit, are comfortable, and immediately give that “cool girl” factor. My next goal is to buy a leather version secondhand. (You should buy that Etsy option before I beat you to it.)

Thrifting Tip: Always remember—tailors exist! If you find a suit that seems perfect but could use a little work, make that purchase and don’t be afraid to head to the tailor. You’d be surprised how much they can change the garment to make it seem like it was made for you. I’ll admit it—I’ve always bought my blazers brand new. I didn’t trust the hype of thrifted blazers, as I always assumed they would be ill fitted. I was clearly wrong because after sifting through a few racks, I found a few of the most perfect fitted blazers. They had the fit and quality of a blazer 5x it’s price, and I now understand what the hype is about. If you’re on the hunt for a chic blazer, you know where to go. (Bonus points if there’s matching pants, which a lot of secondhand stores usually have.)

Thrifting Tip: Sometimes it can be tempting to buy what’s trendy at the thrift store without even thinking about it. Even when you’re shopping a trendy item, try to make sure it’s still versatile. While I loved a few more “trendier” cargo pants at the thrift, I settled for this black pair with gold buttons because I knew it would get more wear. You don’t want a thrifted item to collect dust in your own closet, too.  I’d never thought I’d find myself thrifting a Y2K trend, till I found this pair of black Ralph Lauren cargo pants and immediately threw it in my cart. The trend is both versatile and comfortable, which are qualities I prioritize in my wardrobe. While brands are quickly adding the new it-pant to their collections, give the secondhand market a go—all the ‘2000s cargo pants are waiting for you.

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