Tips and tricks to organize your place for spring

Tips and tricks to organize your place for spring

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Not everyone has the urge to Marie Kondo to take their place, even if they are stuck at home and have enough time. "Organizing can be a stressful and daunting task for some, especially when you're looking at all of the items at once," says Rob Truglia of MakeSpace Storage . " It is best to first determine which areas you need to clean and go from there."

You may never get to the point where organizing is a relaxing or fun task, but it can be relatively stress-free. Marshall Weber, organizational expert for Stor-It Self Storage describes the most important steps for organizing your home.

Start slowly.

" Don't try to reorganize your entire house at once. Don't spend even an hour organizing if you don't feel like it. Start slowly with 15- or 30-minute sessions . "

Organize one room at a time.

"You don't have to take over your entire house. Go one room at a time or even one shelf at a time to make the organization manageable."

Treat yourself to something.

"Give up some tunes to pass the time and reward yourself the end of your reorganization session for added motivation."

Truglia adds that he likes to start on the fastest task, like that Flip a mattress and then work your way up to a more challenging task. Projects.

Destination hotspots.

When it comes to spring cleaning hotspots, there are closets and vanities top of the list. Closets are for storage so they can quickly become cluttered. "To tackle your closet and reorganize yourself effectively, take everything out. Then start making things piece by piece." Put them back in place one by one, place them in new places in your room or house, or throw them away entirely, ”says Weber. "You will be amazed at how much free space you have, and when you work outside your closet, you skip that dreaded claustrophobia."

To organize your vanity, Weber recommends working layer by layer. “The top of your vanity is the easiest place to start, even if it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting made with jewelry, toiletries, and sundries out of your pockets. Sort everything into stacks by type, then figure out little places to keep everything. “Next, go drawer by drawer to see what can be folded, moved, or discarded entirely.

Invest in storage solutions.

Although this doesn't seem intuitive, sometimes the best way to organize the items you currently have is to buy a few more. “Shoe racks, shelves, jewelry boxes and even full storage units can help you free up space at home and keep track of your belongings,” says Weber.

Think creatively about your space. "Your closet door doesn't seem like a storage place, but give it a hanging shoe rack and suddenly it's a fully stocked footwell. Also, get a coffee table with drawers to store bits and pieces like remote controls, board games, and cleaning supplies. Have a weird one Corner you can't do anything with? You have furniture for it. Shop on corner shelves to see how to store vertically in a small space. "

If the current pandemic has taught us anything, we have most Things in life are not under control. But we can control how tidy and organized our homes are. So start with the spring cleaning. You not only feel more in control, but also let your time pass indoors.

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