Trust Me-These 23 Short Scissors Need Almost Any Precautions

Trust Me-These 23 Short Scissors Need Almost Any Precautions

One of the most common misconceptions about short hair is how long styling and keeping can be. It’s a myth as old as time, and we’re here to end it. Just as some long hairstyles can look lifeless when not styled, so can shorter hair. But opting for a shorter style doesn’t mean you’re glued to your stylist’s chair every week. In fact, the right short haircut for you depends largely on your texture, the condition of your hair, and your lifestyle. For example, if you have very curly hair then choosing a smooth bob will require a lot of heat and therefore more treatment within the salon to repair and restore your fibers. [19659002] "Every head of hair is different, so it's important to have a thorough consultation with your stylist on the easiest care for you," advises Adam Reed UK editorial ambassador for L &#39. ; Professional Orientation. "There are many considerations for a low care look and techniques that your stylist can achieve for any length you want."

Of all the short haircuts considered, the easiest to maintain is actually a texted long bob — also known as a lob. As the style grows, the long layers won’t fall off awkwardly and will naturally move to a mid -range look. “Adding in layers is an easy way to keep the look fresh,” Reed says. "The bob can be versatile, because there are so many variations as it grows, and it's easy to add texture to the shape to reduce any weight as the look grows."

Want to go for something shorter? "The laid out pixie cut is the perfect cut for those looking weird after a lockdown. Think soft, air-dried, enticing, effortless, and super cool for this cut," Sam said. Ashcroft stylist in Brooks and Brooks London. "The laid pixie is a sister style of shag cut; it's layered and structured, but at the same time, very little product and style is used, and it relies on natural texture. The cut will change over time as it grows, and you should enjoy the various stages that go along with it. "

Product -wise, it's about keeping hair healthy to make sure your cut stays visually fresh without being overdone. intervention. “My biggest advice to keeping hair looking fresh is to use products as a preventative and to continue to nourish and maintain hair health,” Reed says. "I love a deeply hydrating and protecting mask, like the L ' Oréal Professionnel Absolut Repair Mask, packed with quinoa for a protein boost and protection for damaged hair."

First, keep scrolling for the best low maintenance haircuts. You itch to cut your hair in no time.

If you have curls, play with the natural texture of your hair to add endless variety to your shorter style.

One-length bob for the win. For this style to be low maintenance, suits more rigid workmanship.

A smooth, chin chin is always a classic look.

With this long -term style, there is no difficult growing stage.

With a bob this short, opting out of layers is best to avoid having to hide any tricky regrowth.

If you have naturally thick hair, cutting the hidden layers will remove weight from the ends and make your short style look tapered. Chic

The shag haircut is still a big trend in 2021, and a shag fringe is the easiest type to grow.

A short cut with no defined separation has a loose feel.

A bob-skimming bob will grow to a great look in the middle if you keep your layers longer.

If you need anything else convincing that a long bob is for you, here you are. Its style is also overwhelming when pulled back into a ponytail.

If you have fine hair, then keeping the ends of your cut short will help your hair look fuller and thicker.

Maintaining the hair that frames your face is quite helpful to extend the lifespan of a short cut.

Who doesn't love a style of washing? If you’re growing a TWA — that’s a small child — then there’s nothing difficult between stages when your kinks and coils are healthy and hydrated.

Embracing your curly texture will give your short style a serene but luxurious feel.

If in doubt, release it. An easy option for playing any difficult short layers.

Fringe not playing ball? No sweat. Just sweep it for a relaxing, deep separation. Use a flexible hair spray to hold it in place.

Tuck and pin back the section of your hair to hide any layers or fringes growing.

A blunt cut with a shaggy fringe is always a winning combo.

Keep curls hydrated for a sense of springy curl in this shorter style. This post originally appeared on Who What Wear UK. Next: This Hair Trend Is Everywhere Now, And It's Perfect for Lazy Women

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