Wait, This Top Tank Is $ 14 But Looks Super Expensive

Wait, This Top Tank Is $ 14 But Looks Super Expensive

Our editor in chief, Kat Collings recently shared with us a special jewel that she’s wearing over and over again today. Naturally, we also want to highlight the staple for you. The piece in question? The $ 14 ribbed tank from Amazon .

The Kamissy piece looks a bit expensive (actually, could be designer) because of the modern, higher cut and ribbed fabric. The color is also noticeable in the color of the beige color. The beauty of this stylish main is that it is versatile and can act as a main layer for a range of ensembles this spring and summer. In fact, Collings actually sent out some photos showing how he styled his favorite tank.

Intrigued? Surprisingly Keep scrolling to learn more about why this best-looking tank is on top. If you’re a bit further away, you’ll also find more affordable tank tops (under $ 30) that might also be of interest.

"I'm usually in a relationship with this tank," Collings said. "I can't stop telling my friends about it, because the quality is really nice and an affordable price tag. The thick band on the neck and sleeves feels very perfect too. The crop is the perfect length to hide my belly button while still short enough so I don ' t tuck it in my pants.I am wearing the color khaki, but I also love the red-brown look.I have a collective feeling of many colors in the coming months! "


"This tank is a few more dollars than the one that was cropped, but it's great that I include it as well. It's great, so it can ' t build up in the body neatly, and thick enough that I don't think it can be reached.I like having ma s long as an option also so I can put it on a skirt or pants for a more sleek look. "


Color mixing is pretty trendy.

Flawless white tank.

This color.Bubblegum pink is trending strong these days.

There are many things right about this tank.

The basics of Hanes can't be wrong.

Boxer fit gets A +.

The higher neckline is great.

A brown tank is h incredible chic for the season.

Tank shoulder-pad for win.

The U-neck is different and fresh.

One of the best -selling tanks in Madewell.

A knitted material for something thicker.

Lovely on the lettuce side.

A worn gray tank.


Muscle fit is right now.

This one will put flawlessly in jeans.

Cropping cami, anyone?

Stellar tank less than $ 10? Finished.

Team this one with everything from jeans to joggers to a crazy skirt.

Super soft in organic cotton fabric.

Beautiful drapey silhouette.

Pretty colored.

Another top truncated option.

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