We Call It: These are the Nail Colors to Wear Today

We Call It: These are the Nail Colors to Wear Today

This is a new year, and you know what it means: Most of us set and work on personal goals and aspirations releasing old habits that does not serve us, and is only looking for a new beginning. It is also a great opportunity to have a little fun and try something new.

One way I like to mix things up at the beginning of the year is by transforming my work into beauty. And since so many of us spend a lot of time at home these days, a lot of time to try things out and find out what works and what doesn’t – all is far from many eyes on you because COVID-19 guidelines. Listen, I'm not forcing you to trim your own bangs or to box-dye your hair a crazy color, but if you did it and it didn't work, you Perhaps there is plenty of time to correct the course due to today’s social isolation guidelines.

If you are a little careful about making a drastic change, you can take baby steps and start mixing your manicure routine . If you normally stick to reds and neutrals, why not choose blues and greens? Or if your nails are usually bare, you can treat yourself to a home-made peanut and experiment with some new colors or designs. The sky is the limit here, and if you don't like it, nail polish remover is always good!

To inspire you, we've put together a list of our favorite nail colors to wear in January. Some are classics and we have a couple of funky and unusual options. See below:

Deep, darker colors are the norm for the summer season. Instead of an inky black polish, why not get a dark navy polish? You still get the dramatic effect, but quite unexpectedly.


If you normally gravitate towards pinks and reds, you can replace purple objects. There is a shade for any kind of mood or vibe – like a dark color inspired by wine, something moving towards magenta, or a soft fluff. ]

Wintry puti? How groundbreaking. But there is a reason why it is a classic color, especially at this time of year. Depending on the shade, it may look crisp and sophisticated, or soft and creamy. It is versatile and goes with any outfit or look.



Winter may not be like a "green" and green season, so if you lose the color you can express it on your nails. Deep emerald polishes have a regal look, but softer socks can also be soothing. ]

For those of you who think neon is preferred over summer, listen to us. The winter weather can seem a little glum and not as bright with cooler temps, so bring a little bliss to your hands with some bold neon hues. Bright colors will definitely make a statement and can lift your spirits.


On the flip-side, reliable, goes with any gray that works throughout the year, but especially during the year. A dark gray gunmetal can have the same strong effect as a non-blackened black or deep navy polish. And a gray dove can add a bit of light if you’re looking for the kind of feel.


And of course, you can also reach nudes and neutrals for a subtle manicure. It is always a timeless look. Plus, if you are not used to coloring your nails, this is a good place to start.

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