We Found 15 Nail Wraps That Really (Really) Look Like A Real Peanut

We Found 15 Nail Wraps That Really (Really) Look Like A Real Peanut

Let's just say the obvious: Nail wrapping has a reputation for being a real pain in the know-what. Although these alternate nuts may have a bad wrap (heh), there are actually some serious pros to using them that far outweigh the cons.

First, they allow you to change your nail color to the drop of a coin. Second, they are far more reasonably priced as an alternative to a professional peanut. Hi if you're like me and casually drop $ 100 into the nail salon per visit, you'll save serious money in the long run. Not to mention the fact that they are the fastest way to create your own home nail art that is on the level of those below the artists. The best nail polish strips will do that next time in no time.

Yeah, I hear you. The main complaint most people have about nail wraps is that they just don’t look adequate really . So, I’m here to correct that issue by giving you some choices to make, my friends. Any concerns you have about stick ons, find them squash wrappers on this list.

Flower ferns are definitely coming back. These fresh, gorgeous wraps will have people thinking you went to a first-class nail artist.

The cool matte design is simple but far from basic. Best of all, it’s subtle enough to look like a real nut.

For a simple, warm shade, try these wrapped, neatly nailed Pomegranate Paloma.

A fun, twisted take on a French tip, these slightly transparent stick-ons appear to make it really scary.

The best pieces of nail polish are the ones that really burst with a falling feel.

Dying to have Clueless moments? These plaid strips are definitely for you.

I would be shocked if we didn't see moss nail polish anywhere these days. View record time using jade-colored stick-ons.

Night -themed nails are great – stunning but not usually easy to achieve yourself. Now, you can sport a bold design without the extra work of using nail foil. Bonus: They’re matte enough to look really real.

This design is unique but requires next to no effort on your part.

Take the vacancy with you with these Desert Dreams Nail Wraps. Will that be one or two cocktails for you?

There are no shades on regular stick-ons, but I would say nail foil will really take the cake, especially when it’s made of marble.

If lip -themed nails were previously unreachable, look no further than Paintbucket nail polish paints.

These strips give me NYE celebrations. It’s never too early to start planning your look.

These ginghams are some of the best pieces of nail polish around because they are beautiful. The design is simple enough to look like you painted them yourself.

If you're not into a full nail decal, try a design similar to this half transparent.

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