We Usually Tried Every Glossier Product – Here Are 13 We Recommend

We Usually Tried Every Glossier Product – Here Are 13 We Recommend

I'll put it like this: Even my 72-year-old father knew nothing about beauty other than the occasional facial expression I proved him ) was heard by Glossier . The brand is well known. If pressed, he could even list some of the biggest top sellers like Boy Brow (which he lovely calls “Boy Stuff”), Cloud Paint, and Balm Dotcom. Of course, he had a beauty -loving wife and daughter but when I asked him when and where he first heard of the brand, his response was disturbed, “Do you think I live under a rock? ”(I suspect his addiction to scrolling through his Google feed, but what do I know?) However, I deviated.

Last year, The Cut reported Glossier's value at a cashmere-cozy 1.2 billion, and while the brand may be known for its syrupy shimmer and pink packaging aesthetic, it generally doesn't handle where product demand is concerned. Everyone knows Glossier and everyone likes it. But of course, we have some thoughts as beauty editors.

Despite following this ironclad, some products are superior to others (just to be honest!), And as people who-quite literally-receive and test hundreds of products month after month, we are pretty good judges of formulaic character. Up front, we share the 11 best Glossier products that we are really obsessed with and revived after breaking our first free. Keep scrolling! Your Glossier makeup -approved shopping guide awaits.

I, like usually everyone else on the planet, have a basic love for Boy Brow. The top selling brand, after all! That said, I bought the clear formula because I really prefer my browsers to a natural state. (If I have any sparse areas, I just fill them in with Brow Flick-more on that below.) Since my browsers are naturally pretty dense (and dark), and my real hair is very light, I like the way Boy Brow ' s clear non-goopy formula fluffs and conditions my arms with holding and polish but doesn't leave them feeling naughty, stiff, or with a weird opaque residue like many other clear eyebrow gels and pomades I've tried.

You can read our in-depth reviews on Brow Flick here, but there's no question, this handy, low-maintenance pen has been able to be one of my all -time favorite Glossier products. I like it better than Boy Brow (yes, really) and appreciate how easy and proof it is to apply. I have never used a pen that yields natural and seamless results without taking effort, skill, or nerves. One quick flick (sorry, can't stand) and you've completed the removals in less than a minute. Surprisingly, my first pen hasn’t dried yet, but I’ll restock the second I ran out of.

Okay, this is what I can't live without this mascara. And that says because I’m probably the most preferred mascara consumer on the planet. Naturally I have long, dark lashes, but there are only about three formulas on Earth that I can stand. This one, though, I love. The wand and formula are both perfect-never making my lashes sad or dull-just lifting, darkening, and lengthening them so they look like fan extensions. I will buy this mascara until my presumed day, and I will tell anyone who will listen that they should too. The best part? It’s only $ 16 – a godsend for someone who tastes champagne on a beer budget.

I was obsessed with Euphoria, so when I learned the makeup of the show Artist Doniella Davy used this highlighter on the Rue, my longevity intensified with love for this product. This is one of the only highlights I’ve used that really looks completely natural and skin-like-especially after having a little time to sit down and melt into your complexion. Pro Tip: It’s also a magical glow-inducer that your clavicles don’t know they need. Whether my skin is tight or not at its best, a couple of strategic Haloscope swipes (I love Quartz) on top of my cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, and chin are curious and manageable still my skin compliments during meetings or at events. I know some people say it can prevent greasy, but as long as you use it sparingly and don ' t use it on too many other fuzzy texted products (I applied it on bare, moisturized skin or layered on top of a matte foundation), you should be good.

I never completely overcame my deep obsession with Lip Smacker circa the late 90s and early 2000s, and Glossier's assortment of whimsically scented balms are the best grown -up alternative I have seen. I love everything about universal skin removal and keeping a tube in every drawer, bag, and pocket I own. It heals everything from cracked lips to cracked cuticles, smells amazing, lasts forever (quite far), and is affordable to boot. I love the colorless Birthday, which has a very subtle shimmer and is inspired by Milk Bar’s famous Birthday Cake, but there are also finer options like the Fragranceless Original, Rose, Mint, and the latest addition, Berry.

Glossier's buzzy new hand cream is reminiscent of the music's beloved, fragrant fragrance, Glossier You ($ 60), with a clearer, less emphasis on fresh, clean notes.

I'm really not a lip gloss person, so the fact that I take the time to write about lip gloss is a testament to how intense the lip gloss is. new tube from Glossier. If I choose, red will be my favorite, but I love everything and will wear every shade regularly, which is why I recommend just escaping and buying all three shades. Plus, considering so many lip glosses are over-priced these days, going with all three colors at once is still better than most lip glosses sold solo on the market. . I love these glosses because they really deliver the “your lip but better” appeal and don’t wrap too much color, shine, or glimmer-just a strong enough blow to make it look better of your pout in an ultra-low-maintenance manner Plus, the texture is not sticky or glue-like. It’s juicy, and it’s perfect, and I’m honestly not sure how Glossier was able to make a perfect gloss if so many had failed before it. And at the end of my TED Talk on the wonder of Glossier ' s Lip Gloss.

As you’ll read below, Courtney and I both love Cloud Paint, which is another best -selling brand. It has continued to add more gorgeous shades since the product was launched, but the Puff (one of the OGs) is still my favorite. Plus, I know so many celebrity makeup artists who use it. It’s easy to manipulate on your face so you get the perfect amount of color and diffusion, and unlike many cream-and-cheek formulas, it’s almost impossible to overdo it. I love to layer Puff with other powder blushes if I want a more intense makeup moment, or I’ll just use a tap of it on bare skin for those days when I’m not wearing of makeup but I need to breathe a little life into my sleep -deprived complexion. I also love using it on my lips and eyelids. Usually, you give me this, a Haloscope, and Lash Slick, and that’s all I have to get out the door.

I'm really picky about eyebrow products, and this one is at the top along with my top favorites in the category. I usually use a pencil to add some meaning to my arch, but this thing fills in any sparse areas without making my browsers too blocky.

This blush gel is perfect for everyday wear. It dissolves very easily on the skin and leaves a super natural flush look. It's really easy to layer, too, so you can control how much color you deposit. I am obsessed with the Storm shade and literally wear it every day.

Actually, it reminds me of the kinds of eye makeup products that were marketed in the ' 80s, but maybe that ' s it the reason we like it so much. The cool blue shade is my favorite, and I always get tons of compliments when I wear it — more than any other type of brightly colored shadow I wear.

Our audience engagement editor, Jasmine, tested Futuredew shortly after it was launched and was "pleasantly surprised."

My favorite thing about this lip The product can keep it subtle, but is also easy to layer up to an impossible glossy, opaque finish . The taupe shade called Villa is my uniform.

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