Welcome to Your TikTok Recap: 7 Spring Trends Dominating My Feed RN

Welcome to Your TikTok Recap: 7 Spring Trends Dominating My Feed RN

We’re a little TikTok obsessed over here, and honestly, we’re not even trying to hide it. Given that we’ve dived into everything from the makeup trends we’re inspired to try to the latest fashion aesthetic to emerge from our For You Pages, scrolling through the app is basically our journalistic duty (and that’s what I tell myself every time I max out my screen time). Since we’re pretty much always scrolling, we couldn’t help but notice that the app’s digital creators are putting some exciting new spring trends on the map and we’re diving into the very best ones.

With spring on the brain (and the promise of shedding our heavy winter layers), we’ve rounded up the top seven TikTok spring fashion trends we’ve seen bubbling up as of late, and of course, we are providing all the shopping options to get these looks, too. From the bomber jackets that are quickly replacing moto styles to the ultimate Y2K-inspired mini skirts, take a look at the best spring style on TikTok below.

The fashion crowd on TikTok is the first to get in on emerging trends, so I always make sure to pay close attention. I’m noticing an uptick in elevated bomber jackets that come in leather and rich jewel tones and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this trend make its way to Instagram very soon, too.

This rich espresso shade is so beautiful.

When Frankie Shop gets behind a trend, you know it’s a good one.

Part puffer jacket, part bomber jacket, 100% cool.

The Y2K aesthetic is going strong on the app and as spring nears, styling videos that feature simple mini skirts are proliferating. Stylish creators are especially into styling them with tall boots.

Guaranteed this skirt is coming to a celeb wardrobe soon.

The right amount of preppy.

This buckle is giving me major Hollister circa 2008 vibes.

TikTok never fails to bring us the loudest trends and styling ideas, and right now, the app’s style set is favoring one major color trend above them all: kelly green. It’s vibrant, mood-boosting, and 100% cool. Style a green accessory solo or take a cute from Sophie Wood and go all-in on the 2022 hue.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want the matching skirt, too.

I know this is a TikTok story, but I should point out that this affordable It bag is all over Instagram ATM.

Trendy color, easy-to-wear staple.

Y2K isn’t the only era going through a redux on social media. ’90s silhouettes, especially strapless dresses and tops, are popping up left and right on my FYP. Come summer, I plan on re-creating these ensembles for myself.

I think we’re also going to see a lot of newspaper print this spring.

Stop what you’re doing and shop Miaou’s capsule at Urban Outfitters for ridiculously good prices.

Simple but striking.

Sporty shades are the latest accessory the fashion set on TikTok is adopting en masse. Styled with a slicked-back hairstyle and an edgier ensemble, the sunglasses are peak cool.

This specific pair is on my wish list.

Bottega always knows.

Only the TikTok girls could pull these off.

Weird, but intriguing.

Fun-loving knits are the ultimate camera bait and I’m so here for it. I love the way the colorful prints pop against neutrals and I think they’re going to be an item that carries over from winter into spring this year.

Even more beautiful from the back.


So pretty.

Last but not least is a trend that our editors are taking from their screens out into the real world. Oversize scarves in bright colors are an easy addition that makes any outfit really pop. It’s no surprise why these are popular since the best trends are also the most pratical.

Make any outfit pop with this.

Loving the color combination here.

Checkered scarves are a must.

Coming up, 8 spring micro-trend we’re suddenly spotting everywhere.

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