Yes, you can wear (these) mini skirts in winter

Yes, you can wear (these) mini skirts in winter

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In the winter our outfits tend to get pretty formulaic. (It's too cold to think.) They usually consist of a t-shirt or button-down, sweater or sweatshirt, some high-waisted pants, and ALL winter clothing ( scarves hats, thick – Ass socks and thermal underwear on particularly hard days). But in 2022 things will be different. As? Well, we're taking off our winter miniskirts.

We know what you're thinking. Mini skirts? Mid-January? Have confidence, dear readers. We have already given you the tools you need to keep your legs warm without pants. (See: the absolute best tights for shopping at the moment .) Now all you need is a nice, cheap mini-skirt to wrap yourself over.

Mini-skirts are, like a dose of vitamin C against your cold, more -induced Closet break-in. Shorter hems loosen up your silhouette and make your upper half – be it with an oversized chunky knit sweater or even a monochrome turtleneck look much more interesting . Side note: However, we recommend putting a half button closure a tucked-in cardigan or a patterned V-neck over your turtleneck. Even with a cropped hem, T-necks are still pretty boring solo.

Mind put on tights and covers; Image: Christian Vierig / Getty Images, Edward Berthelot / Getty Images, Edward Berthelot / Getty Images Notice how blogger Tiffany Hsu (right) has balanced her hyper-high hem with a chunky Fair Isle knit, an extra-long poncho and platform boots. (The check-on-check layering was a nice touch.) Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert (center) walked the suit route, adding extra with cheetah-print boots that matched her blazer sleeves and a bright red shoulder bag that complemented her tartan skirt added maximalistic flair. The more reserved Miroslava Duma (left) added interest to her retro denim mini with a high-shouldered oversize blazer and shiny white boots.

Some final tips:

  1. Wear full underwear. To keep the warmth and to avoid clothing disruption .
  2. Keep your ankles free and your heels at home. This creates a longer, more seductive line. In addition, flat shoes with minis feel fancier – more stylish, more carefree.
  3. Cover your arms. To compensate for your exposed lower half.
  4. Mini skirts require mini handbags. Again, because balance.

Ahead, 21 mini skirts that you can live comfortably in all winter.

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