You Call Them Ugly, It-Girls Call Them Fashion—6 Weird Trends Rising This Summer

You Call Them Ugly, It-Girls Call Them Fashion—6 Weird Trends Rising This Summer

Fashion has several different faces. There’s the beginner-friendly timeless side where basics and conventional staples reign supreme, and then all way on the other end of the spectrum is where things get experimental. The beauty of it is that there’s always room to oscilitate depending on your present tastes, and right now it seems the fashon crowd can’t get enough of the weird and slightly wacky.  Whimsical trends always have a way of entering the fashion ecosystem, and this year is no different. Everything from over the top platforms and micro mini skirts to blinged out denim are suddenly back in the spotlight, ushering in a new wave of nostalgic fashion that’s impossible to escape. As with most “ugly” trends, none of these will strike you as pretty off the bat, but that’s part of the fun. Each is a statement piece in itself, so you can lean on them once your wardrobe starts feeling stale. Keep scrolling for a report of the divisive trends heating up this summer. 

Be honest, you’ve seen this coming. The shift towards the early aughts-inspired fashion has been too explosive to not take notice of, and it’s worthwhile to give it a try even if only slightly curious. It’s all about all things diamante, low-rise, and bright so it’s time to fully lean into that TRL obsession.

From Balenciaga to Bottega Veneta, sporty sunglasses have overtaken as the main silhouette of the summer. The good part? Plenty of other retailers have joined in on the fun which means affordable versions exist all around. The sleek shape really shines against basics like white tanks or tees, so if you’re a minimalist, you’ll find this easy to pull off.

This trend vaguely resembles orthopedic shoes, and that’s precisely the point. It’s not something everyone will get, but if you know you know. Gia Borghini’s puffy slides are a particular fashion favorite, so prepare to see a lot more of them on your feed come June and July.

In a case of extremes, this summer’s manifesto seems to be the shorter the better. Pleated, school-girl-inspired mini skirts are firmly in front of the wave (thanks to Miu Miu), with lots of preppy outfits to match.  

It’s time to get reacquainted with heels—sky-high platforms have infiltrated every nook and cranny of the fashion world. One of the more beginner-friendly trends on this list, it’s a nice reprieve from the obsession with flats during the pandemic. The key here is to go with a sandal with flashy details like shiny satin or a bright color. 

Matching is overrated, and fashion people are also saying bye to perfectly coordinated solid colors. Instead, coordinated print clashing is on the rise, and the sky’s the limit when it comes to how extreme you take it.

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