These Swimwear Brands Launched Activewear… And They Know What They’re Doing

If there’s one type of clothing that needs to fit well it’s swim. Sure activewear and underwear also rank high up there, but nothing needs to fit as well as swim – especially in this age of everything ending up on social media in seconds (boob popping out? Bottom floating away? No thank you!).

With that in mind it makes perfect sense that some of the best activewear launched recently comes our way from brands best known for their swimwear.

Here’s a look at some of the standout brands.


Everyone knows L*Space for their swimwear, but they actually also make resort wear, hats and accessories and, as of last year, they make some of our favorite activewear. The brand is based in California and the state’s signature cheery vibe shines bright in their beautifully made pieces.

Solid & Striped

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From Cher's to Bianca Jagger's, These Are the Most Iconic '70s Makeup Looks

The ’70s were defined by a lot of things, but through some nostalgic hindsight, you could say it was really two things—disco and decadence. It was an era that ushered forth cultural phenoms like Halston and Studio 54. It was an era that launched bell-bottoms and big hair into the collective consciousness. It was also an era of iconic makeup. 

“Similar to women today, women in the ’70s wore makeup that made them feel independent, empowered, and confident,” says Melissa Baker, director of education for Merle Norman Cosmetics. “Specifically though, in the ’70s, brows were thin, lips were glossy, and lashes were long. A woman could use one of those elements, such as glossy lips, as her signature (Ali MacGraw) or all of them at once (Cher) depending on how she wanted to express herself.”

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Gone Viral: The 8 Fall Trends That Have Blown Up On TikTok

Now that we’ve already dived into the fall trends that made their way down the runways earlier this year, it’s time to take note of which have made it to the masses. While Instagram curates a feed based on who you follow, TikTok’s algorithm will lead you to fashion people you wish you had been following sooner. While I’ve been careful to not surpass my screen time limit, I have been scrolling just enough to see the fall pieces that have been capturing everyone’s attention. 

The first day of fall has arrived, so I’ve rounded up the top eight trends I can’t stop seeing on my TikTok feed. Of course, I’m also providing a little shopping assistance by finding stellar market options for each trend. Below, take a look at the best spring styles on TikTok—from edgy pieces that’ll make you feel teenage nostalgia to oversized bags that’ll fit everything … Read more

The "Risky" Shoe Trend Taking the Place of Basic Booties

When it comes to boot trends, there are key styles that will always be “in,” like pointed booties and moto silhouettes. But this season, fashion people and celebs alike continue introducing fresh boot silhouettes into their wardrobes as alternatives to basic booties, including a slighter “riskier” choice: platform boots.

Statement-making in nature, this shoe style has the ability to instantly amp up (literally) even the most simple ensemble thanks to its bold and somewhat daring design. And while heeled platforms are a favorite, there’s a variety of flatform picks out there as well (ahem, the Prada silhouettes the fashion crowd loves) to bring comfort and ease to an ensemble. And sure, these styles won’t completely replace basic booties (they’re a staple), but we think more and more style-setters will gravitate toward them this season.

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8 Outfits Women Over 40 Will and Won't Wear

We consistently turn to women over 40 for much of our sartorial direction. After all, we consider this set to be certified experts given their time developing polished personal wardrobes after style trial and error over the years.

We’ve already highlighted the jeans women over 40 love, so we thought we’d focus next on the specific ensembles some of the coolest women over 40 gravitate toward in their day-to-day. After all, who better to nab a little outfit inspiration from than those with that primo fashion knowledge?

And to dig even deeper into the matter, we thought you’d also be interested in the looks these women don’t really wear anymore to add to that outfit-inspo journey. Of course, age really has nothing to do with what you should and shouldn’t wear, but hey, there might be something worth taking note of with the style advice coming your way. 

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