These 5 Swim Trends Were Starting to Feel Dated, But These 5 Feel Fresh

Last summer feels like a very long time ago, doesn’t it? Many snowflakes have fallen between now and then, but swimsuit season is coming yet again, and there’s been plenty of time for retailers and shoppers to move on from some of the biggest swim trends of 2023. We sat down to review our trend reports from last year’s swim season and pinpoint the trends that people are embracing and ditching, and we’re revealing the results about what’s still around and what’s officially cooling off.

While several themes, from bikini-top silhouettes to specific rises and fabrics, are notably on the decline, there are several replacements for each on the horizon. Keep scrolling to find out which are the swimwear trends we think are on the decline this year, plus what styles are replacing them.

Neon was notably one of the biggest trends in swimwear a few years ago, so … Read more

Is Personalized Beauty The Answer To Cutting Down On Waste?

Yesterday we discussed how our fashion choices can majorly impact the health of the planet – and the people who work to actually produce our garments. But the beauty industry comes into play in this discussion as well.

“Waste is generated by formula testers, unsold or returned products and items that expire in warehouses or on store shelves,” explains Vogue Business writer Rachel Cernansky. “Compounding the problem is the lack of data on how much actually gets wasted, as well as a lack of solutions for managing that waste better. With retailers sending unsold inventory back to brands; expired or discontinued products being sent to the landfill; and unused products sitting in customers’ homes, it’s impossible to pinpoint the true numbers of the beauty industry’s waste.”

Personalized beauty is, at least, partly a solution to this problem and it’s a category with massive growth. In fact, according to PRNewswire, the … Read more

An Homage to the Style Influence of Black TV and Movie Icons

For years, costume choices have impacted how characters’ legacies are carried on to the future. Trends have been born and shared through the characters we’ve seen on screen. And while many fashion folk will refer to Rachel Green or Carrie Bradshaw as TV’s best dressed, they end up erasing Black creatives who have been the trendsetters of every generation. Spanning decades of entertainment, Black characters have given us the best of fashion, from classic sitcoms to heavy-hitting dramas. Actresses such as Issa Rae, Karyn Parsons, and Tracee Ellis Ross have not only entertained their audiences in their roles, but they’ve also inspired many with their characters’ striking ensembles. 

Below, look at 10 iconic style moments from Black characters in TV and Movies.

The entirety of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air consisted of striking fashion moments, but Hilary Banks’s looks stand out the most. Every outfit relayed confidence with her streamlined and
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5 Lessons I Learned As An Olympic Swimmer To Help Build Self-Confidence

You might know Katie Hoff Anderson as a two-time Olympic swimmer and three-time Olympic medalist, eight-time World Champion and current American record holder in swimming. In fact, she was once touted as the “female Michael Phelps” logging her first trip to the Athens Olympics at just 15 years old!

But it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses.

In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Anderson missed her lifetime goal to secure an Olympic gold medal in the 400-meter freestyle by just 0.07 seconds, sending her into deep disappointment and self-reflection in search of her identity within and outside of swimming. She turned this journey into a book, called Blueprint, and in 2020 she founded fitness training company Synergy Dryland. Most recently she has partnered with Lash Lounge as an official brand ambassador.

So, what are Anderson’s secrets for turning lemons into lemonade?

Here’s a look at the five lessons Anderson

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A Gucci Bag Is Forever, But These Top 6 Styles Feel Especially Current

The esteemed House of Gucci, which began as a luxury luggage brand after founder Guccio Gucci’s brief stint as a bellhop, has become one of the most recognizable and covetable brands in history—period. Gucci bags have adorned the wrists of some of the most powerful women in history, including Princess Diana, Jackie Onassis, and Grace Kelly, etching a permanent mark on the culture and making each Gucci bag a small piece of fashion history.

Under Alessandro Michele’s “Geek Chic”–inspired direction, Gucci’s heritage styles have evolved from the grown and sexy direction emblematic of the Tom Ford era. His new designs remain loyal to Gucci’s iconic design language while giving a nod to the eccentricities that make the cool kids so damn cool. During his ongoing tenure, he has reintroduced classic silhouettes like the Jackie and created new ones like the Dionysus, which has quickly achieved a cult-like Read more

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