23 Early 2000s Hair Trends We Are (Mostly) Nostalgic For

After many years of all things ’90s re-retrieval of fashion trends and beauty seems a natural development followed by 2000s . But if the ' 90s were known for sleek, minimalist looks, the decade after them was known for just the opposite. “Hair in 2000 was wild because everyone was trying to do something a little weird that no one had ever seen,” said famous hairstylist and artistic director at Color Wow Joseph Maine . "There really are no limits and people are experimenting with different textures and accessories. It ' s a playful time for style." And playful right. From dramatic hair colors to iconic (and unique) haircuts, hair in the early aughts era was in a league of beauty of its own.

Although some of today's fashion icons such as Bella Hadid and Megan Thee Stallion are undoubtedly inspired by this time in fashion and beauty history, it Read more

18 Basic Ponytail Styles That Are Anything But Tiresome

Practical and ideal for resisting heat, a ponytail is the ultimate transfer of hair strength. You can see this in the movies-before the main character even saves the day, you can bet they tie their hair. After all, sometimes you just need of your hair from your neck to feel a little clear head. But there’s no denying that a humble ponytail can be a little drab sometimes, right? And while it may seem simple, it can be tricky to get it right. It’s annoying when you’re facing a wiggly separation or lumps and lumps and all you want is a smooth, pulled back pony.

"This is really one of the hardest looks to achieve," said Aaron Carlo, Tresemmé's top stylist. "The trick is to do it in two steps-you can't do it in one! First, split the hair in half. Start by tipping your head (this will prevent the … Read more

I Ordered 12 Under- $ 30 Summer Dresses on Amazon-Here's What I'm Getting

I won't lie – I shop on Amazon at least three times a week. Between buying cute linen rompers for my baby, best -selling fiction books and my beloved English breakfast tea I tend to accumulate lots of mileage with my Amazon odometer. Recently, I’ve been using an easy and convenient one-stop retailer for more than just stocking up on wardrobe essentials, from cute shorts to tank tops but it became easy summer clothes in particular, which became high on my wish list.

Shopping on Amazon can feel overwhelming, so I ' ve removed countless casual clothes to find the coolest and most versatile frocks that can live around hot warm season month. Of the 27 I saved in my cart, I ordered 12 and kept four. Scroll below to see the keepers along with other absolute favorites that I may or may not have sold.

I first saw this
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33 Affordable Beauty Products Are Going Really Viral on Amazon

The vast world of cosmetics products can be overwhelming. Whether you seek advice from Instagram experts, TikTok influencers, or even our own editors determining what products are really worth your time – and investment – can be daunting .

Fortunately, instead of cobbling a spreadsheet with finds from the For You on TikTok page or filling your cart via Instagram's shopping feature, there's someone, or rather something, did the heavy lift for you. That’s right-Amazon combines the most viral, top selling products into one easy-to-use Internet Famous landing page that can be easily filtered by category and price, which, most importantly, makes it easier to add things in your cart so you can experience these great products for yourself while stocked on Prime Day tomorrow.

With that in mind, we filtered four pages of viral products to dig up 33 of the most affordable (and effective) skincare, hair, and makeup … Read more

3 Black-Owned Beauty Retailers We shop as alternatives to Amazon

In respect of Last-Nine we take cues from the #NewBlackFriday initiative that encourages the purchase of Black Owned Businesses for your product and service that systematic inequality needs to be tactically addressed.

We are committed to this factor in both our fashion and beauty verticals, and while we encourage you to buy Black now and forever, we encourage you to pause from shopping at other large retailers today, especially . Instead, we invite you to explore, discover, and support the amazing shops and stores established by some of the best Blacks who have changed the industry. Here you can check out eight Black-owned beads and vintage stores for all your fashion needs, and below, we highlight three of our favorite retailers Black-owned makeup that offers everything from makeup to haircut to wellness needs.

Oh, and if you want to know more retail opportunities to support, we suggest checking out our … Read more

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