Anne Hathaway Dons Christian Dior for Interview’s Summer 2022 Cover

Since Interview relaunched back in 2018, the magazine hasn’t exactly been at the forefront of cutting-edge fashion photography. So it usually goes unnoticed by our forum members. The last time the title captured our attention was over a year ago with Naomi Campbell (and for all the wrong reasons). Fast-forward to Interview‘s Summer 2022 edition starring Anne Hathaway who pops up on the American publication 11 years after her last appearance. Photographed by Collier Schorr and styled by Dara Allen, the Oscar-winning actress poses before a pink backdrop working a harness top and bike shorts from Christian Dior’s Fall 2022 collection.


Needless to say, members of our forums aren’t impressed. “WTF is that? Is Anne Hathaway cosplaying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?” asked avonlea002.

“Oh hunny, this styling…” stated KINGofVERSAILLES.

“Oh no this is so bad. The styling,” echoed BlueRuin.

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The Very Best Makeup Brushes for Every Step In Your Routine

It would be hard to put on your makeup without some good makeup brushes. Sure, in some cases and for some products you could use your fingers to dab and blend, but you’re going to need at least a few brushes for application. Shopping for a makeup brush can be overwhelming, though. There are so many brands, options, and styles. And then there’s always the question—do I really need a 20-piece set of brushes that costs hundreds of dollars? Because yes, some brushes can be pricey, too.

If you’ve ever caught yourself wondering about these things and if certain brushes are worth it, I’ve got you covered. I’ve been thinking those things too and decided to go to people who probably know about every type of brush, bristle, and brand out there—makeup artists. I asked them to help break down the different types and how to shop for the … Read more

Kate Moss Serves as the Face of Aigner’s Fall 2022 Collection

Whether she’s proving to be the perfect match for British Vogue, declaring less is sometimes more on Self Service or making a surprise appearance as the face of SKIMS, Kate Moss is always a welcome sight. The fashion industry legend adds another campaign to her remarkable body of work with Aigner’s Fall 2022 ads reuniting with hairstylist Sam McKnight and makeup artist Val Garland (who’ve contributed to some of the supermodel’s most iconic magazine covers) for the occasion. Captured by Liz Collins with styling from Cathy Kasterine, Kate looks cool and casual showcasing the latest handbag creations from the German leather goods brand.


Most members of our forums expected much more. “How many times have we seen this?” asked Gonzalo.

“I’m not surprised by the result. I mean Kate Moss and her bestie Naomi Campbell have been serving the same thing for the last … Read more

If You Want More Coverage, Makeup Artists Say This Is the Best Concealer

Up until I started writing about beauty a few years ago, I always thought that concealers were one-size-fits-all—that they worked for anything you’re trying to cover up, whether it’s to hide blemishes, even skin texture, or deal with discoloration. And while many are pretty versatile, there are some that are best used for brightening dark circles and others that work better on acne and so on.

So if you want a concealer that really does it all, makeup artists told me to opt for a cream concealer. “A cream concealer is usually denser in consistency and gives a fuller coverage than, say, a liquid concealer,” says celebrity makeup artist Emma White Turle. Makeup artist Gita Bass agrees, adding that since they tend to have more pigment and a thicker texture, they’re great for covering scars, dark spots, and blemishes, but they can also be sheered out and … Read more

Birgit Kos Channels Linda Evangelista on the July/August 2022 Cover of British Harper’s Bazaar

Lydia Slater often surprises us with models on the front covers of British Harper’s Bazaar. This year alone, we’ve encountered covers starring Karen Elson and Cara Delevingne. Now Birgit Kos appears on the title’s double offering for July/August 2022. Captured by photographer Yulia Gorbachenko with styling from Sandy Armeni, the Dutch model rocks cropped hair plus an Eres swimsuit teamed with a pair of Chanel earrings while posing on the rocks of the Greek island of Milos.


The cover received mixed feedback on our forums. “Beautiful and quite nostalgic,” admired crmsnsnwflks.

“Birgit looks stunning! It’s very Bazaar. I like it!” approved annikad.

“I love the cover! Perfect for the summer and I’m glad to see British Bazaar move from its gardens to the beach this month,” aracic pointed out.

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