Bring a little spring into your crotch with these certified fresh sneakers

You can still wear boots in the spring, but when the weather gets warmer we can't help but long for something new. Sandals won't be available until June, when things get really hot. In the meantime, we've focused on a few new kicks. Fortunately, there are plenty of Spring 2021 sneakers to drag on.

In spring we often prefer lighter shades or neon colors. However, there is no reason to limit yourself. At this time of year we are naturally drawn to neutrals. From butter soles to peach buds to light yellow and even caramel, they're versatile enough to complement any spring outfit.

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You Can See The Trending Of This Legging Throughout The Spring

As the new season approaches of course, we want to make sure you take care of your essential work and weekend equipment, but adding a few new pieces to your athletic section is equally important. . In an effort to find out the latest legging trends for spring, we reached out to Bandier founder Band Bandier for his expert shopping advice.

When asked about the most popular workout trend for the new season, Bandier shared, "Printed leggings have become a classic wardrobe element. Now spring, we love the bold, floral prints inspired by Havana, Cuba. We also buy a lot of prints of the tie tie, which was a crazy nod in the ' 70s. ”

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Irina Shayk channels Linda Evangelista on the cover of Vogue Thailand from March 2021

It has been three years since Vogue Thailand was on our radar. Although with Irina Shayk as the newest cover star, the release undoubtedly got our attention. Whether you achieve Moschino campaigns or grace Vogue Germany Irina delivers absolutely. The Morelli Brothers, together with stylist Charles Varenne, put together a pair of extremely dazzling covers for March 2021. Irina looks like Linda Evangelista while wearing Chanel for the newsstand (below) and digital offerings (after the jump).


Our forum members were definitely thrilled. "The digital cover is one of the strongest covers of this edition", applauded MON .

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The Perfect Clothing Checklist: 7 Trendy Spring Looks With It All

Before we dive in, let's just remember that there is no real thing like a perfect element . Definition: Everyone has their own unique personal style so your perfect outfit will be anything that makes you most comfortable and confident. That said, there are some key elements that we think make up some of the most contemporary looks . Importantly, when an ensemble makes us a double take or causes a double-tap on the IG, it’s because it features a top of specific forward parts.

To further enjoy this issue, we present our checklist below to keep in the back of your mind (or save to your phone to refer to when styling) that adds a few key detail of the perfect spring element in our minds. And to show the action aspects, we also rotated some of the chicest spring looks that fit the charge. So without further ado, … Read more

19 chic AF make-up bags that serve as clutches

Since the street style season you've probably obsessed over checking every single detail of the show-goers' ensembles. Including what they cart around town. Regardless of whether it is oversized shoulder bags, belt bags or the currently popular micro-type, the bags always make a statement. However, you don't have to spend extra cash on a stylish bag to blend in with the stylish crowd. Just empty all of the eyeliners, lipsticks, and shadows out of your makeup bag and carry them around instead.

You are convinced that you would not dare to carry your vanity case on the street? Then you don't have any of these fancy AF options. From structured picks to bold doodles to smaller versions of must-have designer bags, these make-up containers should be demonstrated and not packed in a night bag . Plus, some have extra compartments to stash cash, credit cards, or even your makeup.

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